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2 Month Old Routine

2 month old routineTell us about your 2 month old’s routine. 

Roughly what time are they awake, asleep.

How often do they feed (if bottles – how much)?

What do you do with them when they are awake?

  • When our baby was 2 months old we followed baby’s routine. Followed tired signs, bf on demand. I’ve discovered that there is great flexibility in doing that. Now my 11mo sleeps anywhere/ everywhere. Mothers I know who’ve done SOS/strict routine find they have to be home for scheduled naps as baby won’t sleep otherwise. Also discovering that self settling is a myth was a godsend. I stopped watching the clock and watched my baby instead. Much less stressful and now we have a natural “routine” we still follow at 1 yr    Kimmy
  •  My little man will be 2 months old tomorrow! He breastfed on demand and is still waking twice a night for a feed! He loves to sleep but when he’s awake we talk to him and make him smile as well as the occasional tummy time. He’s a mummy’s boy so I’m always holding him or baby wearing him he wakes up 6.30-7am every morning!    Ashlee
  •  Up around 6.30 for a feed & nappy change, play for about an hour (sing songs on the floor & walk around the house looking at things) nap around 7.30. He sleeps till 9 (sleeps in the porta cot during the day in the lounge room) Wakes again for a feed, play then sleep. If I need to go out I do so now, he will sleep in the pram/car. Feed again 1pm, play, sleep. 3.30 ish feed play sleep. 5.30 bath 6.30pm last feed. Down at 7pm (maybe later as he fights this) in his room in the bassinet. Wakes again 2am then sleeps till 6am. Sometimes he will wake at 11pm for a feed, when he does this he will normally wake again around 3am then again at 6am. This happens about once a week. Give or take an hour on everything. I read his signs more than anything & he fell into this routine. He’s nearly 10weeks btw. I also read books and he watches me cooking and cleaning while I sing & dance like a loony lol.   Hannah
  •  10 week old routine Feeds (bf & top up with formula) 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm & 6:30pm, dream feed 10:30/11pm & he generally wakes at 3am & 5am for feeds. Bath at 6:00 & bed time 7pm and he wakes about 6:30am but has his first nap at 7:30am. During the day he only naps for about an hour at a time and I try and not keep him awake longer then 1.5hrs. Play time & tummy time on the mat & lots of cuddles & talking (he has really found his “voice” and loves to stare at me and “talk”  SOS really helped me get in to some kind of a routine. I can’t keep him up as long as she suggest as he gets too tired but the general idea is good & the self settling techniques really helped. He wouldn’t sleep during the day at first & use to get so overtired.  Sarah
  •  No real routine. Usually up around 7 – 7.30am then just watch for tired cues during the day he’s usually awake for an hour to an hour and a half. Bf on demand. Play time is play mat, or bouncer watching me do things, walking around the house with me or sitting together talking or looking at books, toys etc.    Nicky
  •  At 2 months I watched for tired signs and still do…up for an hour (she is 3 mths old now and still up for the same amount of time) Asleep – 2 to 3 hours. I follow the feed, play, sleep routine. Floor time; go for walks, in bouncer (not much really).   Amanda
  •  Bub is 2 months and three and a half weeks old and will wake at 7am for a bottle she will have 120mls and be awake for an hour and a half, go down for a nap at 8:30 and sleep until about 10:30 and have her next bottle at 11am and she will drink 180mls. She will then have a nap at 12:30pm and sleep until 2:30pm and have her next bottle at 3pm. Go down for another nap at 4:30 and sleep until 5:45pm after I wake her for a bath and she will get another bottle at 6:30-7pm and then go to bed for the night after she’s burped. I will then dream feed at 10:30pm and let her wake herself during the night (if she does wake up its usually 3am) and then start our day again at 7am. This routine works super well for both of us.   Sarah
  •  My ds was 8 weeks yesterday. We do baby led routine which I find so much less stressful and means I have a happier more settled baby. I bf on demands (usually every 2 – 3 hrs). Once he starts showing tired signs I rock him to sleep then place him in his bouncer, swing or wear him in my ergo carrier. For play we read stories, have a chat, tummy time on mat, ball or on my knees, mat time with play gym or just carry him around with me while talking and singing to him. We also go for a walk in the afternoon in his carrier and sometimes in the morning with the pram (he usually falls asleep). At night he has a bath at 6 then a big feed and then settled for bed around 7:30. Still wakes 2-3 times a night for a feed.    Carrie
  •  Our little boy is 8weeks, such a good sleeper. After a bath and feed he sleeps from 8pm till 6am with a 2am feed in between.  During the day we go for an hour walk, he often sleeps in the pram or if we head out he sleeps in the car. I breastfeed every 2-3hrs, during the day. He is a very happy boy, gives me lots of smiles and giggles.    Nikita
  •  10week old Wakes and feed 6-6:30am Play- mat time, tummy time , rocker or walk in pram we talk to her a lot. Sleep – 7:30- 8:00, Feed – 9am Play, Sleep 10:30-11, Feed 12pm, Play , Sleep 1:30 -2, Feed 3pm, Play , Sleep 4-4:30, Feed 6pm, Bath Book , Sleep 6:30-7, She sometimes wakes between 3-4 but if I’m awake at about 11pm I dream feed her and she sleeps till 6-6:30. As soon as I see a yawn after or during play time I wrap her and sit her in her bouncer to go to sleep.   Bec
  •  Schedule a bit all over still but wakes between 6am -8am has a little play then bottle (anywhere from 100-150mls) plays some more on my lap or activity mat. Goes down for a nap usually 1 1/2 hour after waking.  4 hours later we do the same until late afternoon where after the feed we go for a walk, then bath, bottle and bed by 7.00. We try self settling but it doesn’t always work and she often sleeps on my chest on the couch if she’s fussing. Feeds vary in time as he has some feeding issues we are working with our Paed on.    Danielle
  •  My bubba is 7 weeks he sleeps 2-3 hours through the day away for an four or so in between stays awake from around 5 until 9-10 then sleeps through to 6-7, he has a bottle every time he wakes then has a play on his play mat or bouncer, jolly jumper, I stir with him on my lap and play with him and talk, take him in the pram around then when he looks tired I rock him to sleep he roughly has 5 bottles a day.   Kasey
  •  7am wake up and bottle (offer 150mls-takes about 130mls), hopefully a morning nap, bottle 11ish, play, hopefully an afternoon nap, 3ish bottle, play, hopefully a nap, 7ish bottle, play, 9ish bottle, bed, 2.30ish bottle.When awake: tummy time, bouncer, play mat, sing, and read books, cuddle, try and get them to sleep.    Jemima
  •  My daughter is nearly 9 weeks old and up until a week ago, she was still keeping me up all night until 2:30-4:30 am and it was killing me! She also had colic quite bad between weeks 5 and 8 which certainly didn’t help. I went to see my childcare nurse and she said babies that age should only be awake for an hour at a time so now I feed her, have a play, and then as soon as that hour is up I wrap her and put her in her cot for a sleep. The first few times she was SO unimpressed but now she’s doing a lot better and sleeps through the night!! When it’s play time I put her on her play mat, in her bouncer, tummy time, her swing or I just keep her entertained myself. She’s so much happier now that she’s getting the sleep she needs.   Kara
  •  My little man is 9 weeks, we b/f on demand through the day, usually start the day at 6:30am, when the toddler gets up. Feed play sleep, 2-3 hrly feeds, 6 pm bath with toddler, then cluster feed until sleepy around 8-9pm, then sleeps through till 6:30am. Super lucky this little guy is an awesome sleeper, my first son didn’t sleep well at all, his routine was pretty much the same, but then he’d keep up the 2-3 hrly feeds through the night.    Carly

What is your 2 month old babies routine?

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