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Loss of Libido After Baby


Tips for boosting your sex drive. If you are one of thousands of women across the country who feels their mojo just isn’t what it used to be ‘pre-kids’, you’ll love this simple, sensible advice from Baby Hints & Tips resident GP, Melissa Homewood.

Vaccintions concerns and questions

Immunisation – Your common questions and concerns answered


Vaccinations are one of the greatest advances in preventative health, but unfortunately vaccination rates have been decreasing in recent years. GP Melissa Homewood addresses a number of the common concerns and questions many parents have, separating the fact from myth.

Baby teething remedies - what does your GP say?

Baby teething remedies – what does your GP say?


Does teething have you baffled? Our GP offers some helpful advice.

newborn skin conditions

Newborn skin conditions


Newborn skin conditions explained by Baby Hints and Tips resident GP.

Post pregnancy hair loss

Post pregnancy hair loss


Post pregnancy hair loss explained.

Viral rashes in babies

Viral rashes in babies


Expert advice on common childhood viral rashes.

Safety alert: dehydrated baby

Dehydrated baby: safety alert


Dehydrated baby: A timely reminder on keeping your baby well hydrated over the hotter months.

Sunsmart baby

Sunsmart baby


With temperatures rocketing and the risk of sunburn high, find expert advice on making your baby a SUNSMART baby this summer.

whooping cough vaccination

Whooping cough vaccination Australia


Whooping cough vaccination update. The latest recommendations for whooping cough prevention in young children and pregnant women

child too sick for daycare

When to keep a sick child at home?


Expert tips: GP, Melissa, shares a guide for when a child is too sick for day care or school. And tips on when you should take your child to a doctor.

post natal depression

Postnatal Depression


Dr advice on symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of postnatal depression

Baby poo - does your baby suffer from constipation?

Baby poo – does your baby suffer from constipation?


Our focus on baby poo continues with an article on constipation.

Let's talk baby poo - what is normal?

Baby poo – let’s talk about what is, and isn’t normal


Poo is a big part of life with new baby. Find out what is and isn’t normal.

Vitamin K for newborns

Vitamin K for newborns


Find out why a vitamin K injection for your newborn is a very wise decision.