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Anterior Placenta

anterior placentaJust curious when other mummys with an anterior placenta felt their baby move? This is my 2nd pregnancy but last time my placenta was at the back.

  • Think it was around 18 weeks Aysha
  • I have anterior placenta im 23 weeks only started feeling baby at 20 weeks. Although now I feel her strong all the time now Sonia
  • I am 7 months prgnant now and this baby is super active i feel EVERYTHING so dont worry soon you will start feeling more . I was also worried since Doc said i would not be able to feel or see movements like previous pregnancy but this second baby is moving even more than my first ever since i was 5 mnths Geraleen
  • It was 16 weeks when i first felt bub moveĀ Leisa
  • my 3rd baby was my first anterior placenta, it was around 20wks n i got panicky at the end when movements are harder to feel cause they have less room, i couldnt feel her at all for a few days and went to the hospital Brook
  • First felt movement at 23 weeks (ftm) Lisa
  • Around 25 weeks, and there was no regular pattern either Ina
  • When I was pregnant with my son my placenta was at the front. I hardly ever felt him unless I actually laid down on my side and felt it with my hand. My daughters was at the back and I ALWAYS felt her. It can be very stressful not being able to feel them all the time but just try not to Bethany
  • At 22 weeks- it was my 2nd bub (1st bub I felt at 16 weeks) Pip
  • About 19 weeks Pru
  • I didn’t know for certain until around the 16 week mark? I felt my first pretty early on so was surprised I didn’t feel my second till much later but was told I had an anterior placenta this time around. Also only felt movements every now & then, could go days without feeling kicks. Once baby got bigger could feel more kicks more often & now it’s constant! Chantelle
  • No strong kicks until around 20 weeks Danielle
  • I had 2 anterior placenta pregnancies super annoying cause sometimes movements were difficult to feel I just got use to what was the norm but please go get checked if movements are reduced significantly its not worth the risk xx Natasha
  • I had an anterior placenta and only felt the baby move twice the entire pregnancy Toni
  • With my 3rd bubs didn’t feel her move til very late. Being my 3rd pregnancy expected it to be much earlier. Due to other issues I had ultrasounds every week so new bubs was kicking around. Just couldn’t feel it due to placenta placement Amanda
  • I had an anterior placenta with both my pregnancies.i felt movement from 19/20 weeks with number 1 and about 18 weeks with no 2. I felt daily movement with both. I found I saw/felt more movement in the middle of my belly with no 1 but 2 have stronger kicks and hits towards my groin and ribs. Both were born naturally (some anterior placentas are low lying and can mean you need a csection) my 1st was low but further enough away that I could deliver no 2 was up higher hence less front movement. Bronwen

Did you have an anterior placenta? When did you feel movement?

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  1. Sarah says:

    I have had two anterior placentas. 1st pregnancy probably wasn’t until 17-18 weeks and with my 2nd around 14-15 weeks