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Lauren is a teacher and mother of two from Adelaide, South Australia. She writes all about early learning and parenting stories over at Teacher Types.
bedtime routine with 2 kids

How the bedtime routine works with two kids


When a newborn comes along the sleep routine of older kids can go out the window. Lauren discusses tips for a bedtime routine with 2 kids.

Kid-friendly Adelaide

Kid-friendly Adelaide – 2 days of awesome fun


Plan your next family trip to Adelaide

Non-chocolate Easter gifts for kids

Non-chocolate Easter gifts for kids


No chocolate trail here. Just plenty of great ideas for a chocolate-free Easter.

Bath time - 10 ways to make it more fun

Bath time – 10 ways to make it more fun


Refreshing ideas for the bath … who would have thought of glow sticks …

Christmas crafts + activities for baby & toddler

6 Christmas crafts and activities for toddlers and baby


Get a head start on Xmas with fabulous crafty activities, suitable for baby and toddler.

Dear new mums

Dear new mums


A letter (to all new mums) straight from the heart.

Father's Day footprints

Father’s Day footprints


Finding it hard to get to the shops to buy the perfect Father’s Day gift for the new Dad? Don’t worry, stay comfy in your trackies, Baby Hints and Tips have it covered.

Rio 2016 Olympics for kids

Rio 2016 Olympics for kids


Tips to make the Olympics memorable for kids.

Winter themed books + perfectly paired activities

Winter themed books with perfectly paired activities


Stuck indoors? Don’t despair, your book collection can be a great inspiration for fun-play and creativity.

Books and gift ideas for baby

Books and gift ideas for baby


Accessorise a classic children’s book and you have the perfect baby shower or newborn baby gift.