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Baby gender dreams

Baby gender dreams

What has been your experience with baby gender dreams? Accurate or not accurate? 

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  • I was convinced I was having a boy, had a dream I was pregnant with a girl, ended up having a girl Brooke
  • Let’s just say that my little ‘Meghan’ is doing an incredible impression of a nearly 12yo Daniel … Kyra
  • Accurate for my first.. didn’t really have any dreams with my 2nd, although I was convinced I was having a girl, but ended up with a boy. Andrea
  • It was strange. I dreamt girl girl girl until 19 weeks then dreamt boy and it was much stronger than the girl dreams. A week later, the winner is boy. I still get the girl dreams but I just remember that my boy dream was much more vivid and felt more ‘real’. Adele
  • I dreamt very vividly several times that I had a boy, weight and date etc to the point where I woke up looking for my baby boy and I had a girl!! I also had a dream that my grandma (who passed away just after I fell pregnant) was rubbing my pregnant belly (so baby was not born yet in this dream) saying “be a good little girl, come on little girl” so for me, I dreamt I was holding a boy but had the opposite!! Monique
  • First was accurate and have had boy dreams for number 2. Will find out if it is true.. Kara
  • Both my husband and I dreamt about girls… didn’t know the gender. Had a baby girl. Teagan
  • I had a dream at around 10weeks pregnant (now 28weeks pregnant) that I was having a boy and the dream was right! Everything that happened in my dream actually happened ! So very accurate for me. Jamielee
  • I dreamt every night I was having a boy! I convinced myself that it was gonna be a boy and we now have a beautiful 4 month old girl! Even after finding out she was a girl I still kept dreaming boy haha! Jay

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  • I had a dream at 15 weeks pregnant that i was having a girl and at 20 weeks i had my ultrasound and was in fact having a girl i even knew what she was gonna look like she is now 3 months old eveything i ever expected. Michelle
  • accurate. My hubby was 99% sure it was a boy, so I just went along with him. I had only 1 dream about the baby during my pregnancy – we had friends over and the baby woke up, I picked up a little girl out of the cot. We had a little girl. Jessica
  • Accurate! Told I was having a girl, dreamt boy… Had a boy! Joanne-Claire
  • Dreams were right-I thought boy but dreamt of a girl and had a girl. Only ever had this with my first born though…I found out the sex of my other three and never dreamt about them being babies! Nadia
  • Kept dreaming of a girl even tho was convinced I would have a boy, and ended up with a girl! Shelley
  • I dreamt I was having a boy, same night hubby dreamt we were in mauritius with a little girl around 17-18 months old. We had a girl and we are going to Mauritius she will be 16 months Regine
  • My dreams were accurate, hubby’s were not! Sarah
  • I didn’t have any dreams myself but the day I told my mum I was pregnant (6 weeks), she said she had a dream I had a little boy. She was spot on! Sarah
  • I had several dreams of boy babies that were meant to be my baby but they looked strange or nothing like my husband and I. Then I had a dream about this beautiful little girl who looked just like me as a baby. It felt and looked like my baby and it was the last gender dream I had. I ended up having a girl. Samara
  • Nope didn’t mean anything. I dreamt I was having a girl so many times and I’ve got a little boy. Also none of the old wives takes worked for me. Did the ring test and Chinese gender thing and was also wrong! Krystal
  • From the moment that I was pregnant I had a feeling it was a boy! I was correct. Kat
  • Not accurate. I had about 5 dreams about my bub, all times it was a girl in my dreams, and we had a boy! Jevita
  • Mine was accurate. Dreamt it was a girl at 6weeks. Have also dreamt of other friends babies and been accurate with them too.. Sharon
  • Not accurate. Each time I was pregnant I dreamt I was having girls……I had 4 boys Amanda
  • Dreamt I had a girl even though family and work colleagues said I was having a boy and I had a girl Ebony
  • I dreamt I was having a girl and have found out I am having a boy Gemma
  • Accurate. Felt I was having a girl until 20wks. Then I had to separate dreams of labour ending in a boy. 4 days before our due date, our perfect lil man arrived Jessica
  • I had three vivid gender dreams while pregnant 2 x boy, 1 x girl and from very early on I had a strong inkling that we were having a boy. We didn’t found until bub arrived and … my gut was right! Bouncing baby boy Emily
  • Correct with my 1st two wrong with my 3rd. Amie

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