candy cane decoration

Christmas Candy Cane Table Centrepiece


This stunning Christmas centrepiece is super easy to make and will bring a festive feel to your dinner table or hall table. You can use fresh or fake flowers.

felt Christmas tree

Felt Christmas tree craft


Best way to stop your toddler from climbing your tree and breaking your ornaments? Get them to help you make one they can play with!

{CRAFT} Milk carton pencil pot


This pencil pot is a great rainy day activity to do with the kids. They can make it as colourful as they like, or experiment with different patterns. Best thing is it holds lots of pencils and crayons for the next craft activity!

reindeer feet craft

{CRAFT} Reindeer Feet


This is a great craft for kids of any age to do, even babies! It makes a great present as well as a keepsake of their tiny feet.

handprint christmas tree

Christmas tree hand painting


This is a craft the whole family can be involved in – and you can make it as big as you want!

Minimising mess with craft


Q&A: Do you do much craft at home? How do you control the mess? Or do you just let them go and worry about it later?

toddler body awareness activity

{CRAFT} Simple Toddler Body Awareness Activity


One of the wonderful things about toddlers is they are developing independence and becoming more self aware. They are able to use their bodies to accomplish an increasing number of skills such as running, jumping and feeding themselves. They are also beginning to label and classify objects so naming and recognising their body parts is a skill they are often keen to learn.

{CRAFT} Edible Finger Paint


Edible finger paint recipe

{CRAFT} Milk Bottle Shoes


We recycle everything at our house for crafts, today we looked at all of our bits and pieces and decided milk bottles were the challenge today. My toddler and I thought that some shoes would be heaps of fun to make and to play with after.

{CRAFT} Autumn Collage


It is fantastic talking about the seasons with my toddler, autumn is the best for craft! This is great for so many things – getting out in the garden to collect things and learning letters are just a couple of things that your child will get out of this super easy craft.

mothers day craft

Mothers Day Flower {Craft} Ideas


Every mum loves a homemade pressie for Mother’s Day and always really great when Dad’s helped to make it! So Dads this one’s for you and your toddler to make.

{CRAFT} Easter Bunny Mask Template


Craft: Get this Easter Bunny Mask template from our website and involve your child in celebrating Easter. Make your own Easter crafts using materials from home.

easter bunny ears

{CRAFT} Easter Bunny Ears Template


These bunny ears are a fun craft to entertain your children in the Easter season.

{CRAFT} Easter Basket Colouring Activity


Make this Easter basket with your children.  Perfect for collecting eggs. Have fun and get your craft on!

{CRAFT} Paper Plate Easter Bunny Basket


We will be doing an Easter Egg hunt at our house this year, thought it would be great to come up with a basket to carry our little ones findings.

egg carton butterfly

{CRAFT} Egg Carton Butterflies


We’ve made some egg carton caterpillars before but today my toddler wanted a butterfly. We were pleased with the result and my toddler has been buzzing around with it heaps.

Paper Plate Christmas Tree


I’ve always got paper plates around the house, they are fantastic for craft. We’ve made lots of different animals and things out of paper plates before. Today we thought we’d do something a little Christmassy with them. These are really easy and the kids will love them.

{CRAFT} Bottle Chickens


Every time my toddler and I get all the craft stuff out (which is all the time) I ask him what he would like to make. For the past week he has been saying a chicken and I kept steering him in other directions, like a car or a boat, as I couldn’t think of a good way to make a chicken. I had a good think about it and looked through our recycled treasures and we came up with these cute little guys. He loves them and is still playing with them today