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Pregnant Now What. Midwife Tips


Tips for preparing for birth, from choosing a hospital to be mentally ready.

preparing for labour

Preparing for labour


Midwife Caroline May shares her top five tips for not only surviving, but getting the most out of your labour experience (for you and bub).

Phone Girl

Baby Communication – “Ga ga, wah wah wah”


If only your baby came with a dictionary! But it doesn’t, and a large part of the early months (and years) is spent trying to work out what your baby is saying.

Baby Massage – More than just Relaxation


Mmm… Massage. The word instantly conjures up images of lying in a deeply relaxing state, surrounded by gentle music and the light smell of lavender, while being blissfully kneaded until all your worries melt away. Baby massage, however, is much more than that. It can both relax and stimulate. It’s a way of interacting and a way of providing relief.