Babies are such placid, peaceful little creatures. Well, according to Hallmark they are. Ask a new parent what babies are like and you’ll get a completely different picture: between the giggles and snuggles and exciting milestones there are also the sleepless nights, struggles with establishing feeding patterns and finding time for everything else in life, and not to mention the way they suddenly change when you have finally figured them out! Certain aspects of looking after a baby can be particularly hard, and each bub (and parent) will present their own challenges. We’ve asked parents to share their hints and tips on how they dealt with a whole range of aspects relating to babies; from sleep issues, to choosing a nappy to dealing with common health problems.

Dear new mums

Dear new mums


A letter (to all new mums) straight from the heart.

Discouraging thumb sucking baby


Q&A: My month old baby has discovered her thumb and putting it in her mouth! Is there any way I can stop her and how can I gently discourage it. She does use a dummy.

When did you stop sterilising Dummies and Bottles


Q&A: When did you stop sterilizing bottles and dummies.

Baby Milestones


Q&A: What age did your baby reach milestones like rolling, crawling, walking, sleeping through the night, first tooth etc?