Baby Sleep

Baby and sleep – these are not two words that always go well together. Here we have expert tips on baby sleep and also have community tips from parents who have been in your shoes.

Gentle sleep techniques, controlled crying, sleep aids, how much sleep does my child need? We have tips and answers on all these sleep questions and more

Co-sleeping – yes or no?


Q&A: Did you Co-sleep? Why or why not?

Wrapping and swaddling


Q&A: Did you wrap your baby? Did it help them sleep better?

Methods to improve babies’ reversed sleep cycles


Q&A: What method helped improve your baby’s reversed sleep cycles? (Include baby’s age at the time)

Rolling while wrapped


Q&A: My 5 month old son today discovered that he can roll in his cot. The only problem is he won’t sleep unwrapped.. I went in there after he didn’t fall asleep 5 minutes after putting down to discover him was still wrapped and on his tummy. I then put him in again unwrapped and discovered he had wriggled all the way to the top of his cot lying quite awkwardly. I’ve been trying to have him wrapped with one arm out for a while but it doesn’t work.

General Tips for Baby Sleep


Q&A: General tips from other parents to help get your baby to sleep

From Swaddling to Sleeping Bag – Making the Move


If you’re wondering how long to swaddle your baby for, the answer will be different for different babies. It is usually recommended to stop swaddling baby when they start to roll over on their own and are needing their hands/arms to roll themselves back over. Here are some tips to make the move easily.

Midwife Tips: Co-Sleeping


An introduction to co-sleeping, and why it isn’t necessarily ‘bed sharing’.