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Best car for 3 car seats


We seem to get a lot of car seat questions so we thought we’d ask a generic question. For those that have 3 children in car seats; what seats do …

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Easter School Holidays: 4 Cheap, Fun Ideas to Keep Busy!


Keep your kids happy these Easter School Holidays with some of these great activities and ideas.

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Going from 2 to 3 children


Q&A: What are other people’s experiences with going from 2 children to 3. I have received a lot of advice from friends and family that going from 2 to 3 can be really challenging and difficult, more than from 1 to 2

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Only children, the positives


Tell us why having only one child is awesome!  I guess for me the thought of another nine months of worry and anxiety and wondering if bubba is ok . …

Wrapping Children in Cotton Wool

Wrapping Children in Cotton Wool


Q&A: How do you approach this with your children? Do you try to protect them from potential spills, or do you think they are just a normal part of growing up?

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Newborn with a Toddler Routine


Community Tips: Newborn with a Toddler Routine – parents share their experience with finding the best routine for their new baby and a toddler.

Lying in green grass

Expectations of Motherhood not quite what I thought


Q&A: I wonder if any other people felt like this and whether it passes?

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Making the decision to have only one child


Q&A: My husband (38) and I (33) are having mixed feelings about having a second child, our first is 2.5 and we know we do a great job with him but at times struggle.


Dads and Public Toilet Duty


Q&A: What do other fathers do when they are out and about and need to take a 2 year old daughter to a toilet in public?

Child Cleaning Bathroom

What chores do your children do?


Q&A: How old are your kids and what jobs do they do around the house?


Bullying in Pre-Teens


Q&A: HELP!! My son is in year 6 and is still getting bullied (words and physical) by this boy (it’s been happening for a while now)

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Moving blues: how to make moving easier for your kids


Moving is a stressful process for parents, but imagine how stressful it must be for the kids!!


6 Tips for stress-free children’s Haircuts


When the word ‘haircut’ comes to mind, for most parents it’s the thought of a traumatic experience filled with anxiety for both child and parent. But there is light at …

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Avoiding photos with your children due to self image issues


Q&A: Do you avoid photos with your children because your body/look isn’t everything you want it to be?

best piece of parenting advice

Best piece of Parenting Advice


Q&A: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given since having children?

Ear piercing

Ear Piercing. When did you get your child done?


Q&A: At what age did you get your daughter’s ears pierced? What were the pros and cons of that age and do you wish you had done it sooner or later than you did?

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Household chores with Kids


{Discussion} I would love to know how or when other parents get their house work done.

Sibling rivalry

Age Gaps between first and second child


Q&A: What age gaps do you have between your first and second child? What positives did you find with the gap, and what challenges did you have?

Back to school

Getting older children ready for school routine


Q&A: How do you get older children back into a routine ready for school again?


4 Tips and creative ideas for photographing your child


You don’t have to own a fancy big camera to have a bit of fun and get creative when photographing your kids.  You can create some beautiful images that are frame-worthy just by using a few simple techniques.  Here are some creative ideas and tips for photographing your children.

Family Fun

Baby-sitting clubs


Do you find that it is difficult to find someone you trust to look after your children? Do you feel guilty asking friends or relatives to baby-sit? Do you feel you often need to pay for a baby-sitter? A baby-sitting club is the ideal way to solve some of these issues.

Coping with an older baby


How have you coped with your baby in the later months, after the newborn stage has passed and your partner (and possibly you) are back at work? Do you sometimes feel like your in a rut and what have you done to overcome these feelings?

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{Expert tips} Baby-sitting clubs


Do you find that it is difficult to find someone you trust to look after your children? Do you feel guilty asking friends or relatives to baby-sit? Do you feel you often need to pay for a baby-sitter? A baby-sitting club is the ideal way to solve some of these issues.

Leaving kids in the car at the petrol station


Q&A: When needing to put fuel in your car and you have your child with you what do you do when needing to pay. Take them in with you or leave them in the car. I’ve never been stuck in this situation before and wanting to go out today.

Dealing with negativity towards piercing babies ears


Q&A: I’m after some feedback on ear piercing from other mums. My DD will be 3 months old soon and I would like to get her ears pierced, but am concerned other people will react negatively due to her age.

15 Things to Consider When Buying a New Family Car


Often the arrival of a new baby means the need for a bigger car – whether you are about to have you first, third or ninth here are some tips to help you choose the right car.

Pets for Toddlers


Q&A: Any suggestions for a pet for a 2 1/2 yr old? Something easy maintenance.. Going to wait till he and his 9 mth old sister are older for a dog but I was thinking a hermit crab? Any other suggestions?

Hot Weather Meals


Q&A: Ok another 40 degree day here and for at least another 3 days to come. What are your favourite recipes for dinner on hot days? I need ideas.

Displaying children’s artwork


Q&A: I’m after some creative ways of displaying my kids artworks?


Cooking with Toddlers


Q&A: What dinners do you like to cook with your toddlers/preschoolers? Our standard is pizzas but would love to try something new, any suggestions?