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Gadgets for your lady bits. For health. Okay they were in 50 Shades of Grey too.


Gadgets for your lady bits – yes we are going there. Products listed here may help you but are not a common topic of conversation.

new mum anxiety

New Mummy Anxiety


New Mum Anxiety – tips to manage your stress and expectations to help you manage through the new baby stage


Mastitis: Midwife Tips ‘Heat, rest, empty the breast!’


Mastitis – Tips from a midwife.

Healthy snacks when breastfeeding

Healthy Snacks When Breastfeeding


Healthy snacks when breastfeeding. Breastfeeding can greatly increase your hunger and extra calories need to be consumed. Here are some healthy snack ideas

uterine prolapse - prolapse of the uterus

Uterine Prolapse


Uterine Prolaspse – Our resident midwife explains what is a prolapsed uterus, the signs and symptoms of a uterus prolapse and how a prolapse is treated

Woman relaxing outdoors

8 reasons why mums must put themselves first


8 Reasons for mums to put themselves first! Mums need to be looking after themselves to look after their kids so come and find some ideas to be the best mum you can be

bowel cancer awareness

Bowel Cancer: that elephant in the room


Personal story to promote bowel cancer awareness. Know the risks and what to look out for to protect yourself and your family and detect bowel cancer early


Urinary Incontinence: Ending the Dribble


Urinary Incontinence – incontinence is not normal. Some advice and references to help and know when to seek professional help

Anxious woman sleeping in bed next to her partner

Mum Anxious At Night – Searching For Baby


Parenting Question: New Mum Anxiety at Night: I wake up in the middle of the night searching for my baby in the bed or thinking I’m holding her. Did anyone else had similar experience? When did it stop?

Young Couple In Loving Embrace

Dealing with fear of intimacy after childbirth


Q&A: Once you’re given the all clear from the doctor how long did it take you to get over the fear of it hurting during intercourse? And did anything help you?

Lose Baby weight

Lose Baby Weight and 12WBT programs for mums


Q&A: I’m just after people’s experiences with the program’s Michelle Bridges 12WBT and Lose Baby Weight, regarding weight loss while breastfeeding? Has anyone done one or both and found them successful?

detox smoothie

Weight loss smoothies for after pregnancy


Q&A: Has anyone tried the “healthy mummy” weight loss smoothies ?

Mother and baby doing yoga

Weight Loss after Pregnancy – Suggestions for a Breastfeeding SAHM


Q&A: What is a good diet plan for me to follow, while breastfeeding and being a SAHM?

PND after a preemie

Post Natal Depression after a Premature baby


Q&A: Just wondering if any mums have suffered post natal depression my son was born 11 weeks early and has just gone 6 months and I’m only starting to suffer now any suggestions on what I should do would be appreciated

depressed mum

PND, Sleep Deprivation and a 7 month old


***Please only reply to the question asked if you have something helpful to offer***   Hi there, I have a 7mo baby and I am currently suffering some depression which …

mum weight loss

Lose Baby Weight


I’m a busy mum of two a toddler and a baby and want to loose 25 kilos. Any pointers or tips to help me. All exercise will need to be …

Dealing with New Parent Anxiety

Dealing with New Parent Anxiety


Q&A: How did you deal with the anxiety of being a parent with your new baby?


Contraception Methods


There are so many contraception choices available, and there are pros and cons for all options. The following is some basic, general information about the range of choices available.

Weightloss after pregnancy

Weightloss after pregnancy


Q&A: What have people done to successfully lose their baby weight?

Weight Loss Green Road Sign Against Light Cloudscape Sky

Lose Baby Weight


Q&A: We had the lovely Rhian with us to answer our readers questions

mini pill breastfeeding

Mini-Pill and Breastfeeding


Q&A: Just looking for other mums experiences with taking the mini pill n EBFing

Friendly Chiropractor with Patient

Experience with Chiropractors


Q&A: Have you used a chiropractor? If so, what did you use it for? Did it work? and would you recommend it? Was it a continuous treatment or a one off?

numerous c sections thumbnail

Numerous C-Sections and Tying Tubes


Q&A: How many c-sections have you had and did you make the decision in conjunction with your doctor? when did you make the decision to have your tubes tied?

Mother and baby doing yoga

Shifting Baby Weight


Q&A: What worked for you to shift the baby weight?



Period returning after having baby


Q&A: When did your periods return after having your baby? If you breastfed, were you still breastfeeding and how often? If you had stopped, how long had it been? See responses from other parents.

Pregnant woman with gymnastic ball isolated on white

Exercise: Maintain the momentum


You have made it to the end of the month congratulations and hopefully a healthier and happier you? So now where and what to do?

Pregnant woman excercises with gymnastic ball. Beautiful pregnan

Exercise: Why we need to move


“As a busy mum myself finding the time to get any kind of exercises in can be a challenge and often if the opportunity comes up I can be too tired! But often if I make myself go out just for a walk in the fresh I soon feel ten times better and the benefits of exercise help lift my mood and help me face with the stressful often hectic 5pm-8pm dinner and bedtime schedule!..”

doing exercises

10 tips to find time to exercise


As busy mums we tend to put ourselves last on the needs list and if we already manage to squeeze exercise in it is our workout session that is the first to get pushed to one side if anything else crops up. Lorraine from Pregnancy Exercise has some great tips to help get you moving and stay moving.


Yoga for Busy Mums


Yoga can add such amazing benefits to your daily life by releasing stress, helping you stay focused, regulating your nervous system and making you calmer. However with little ones it is often challenging finding the time to do something for yourself.

Meditation for busy mums


Being a busy mum can mean your mind is continually racing and you never find time to stop. Finding time to meditate can help you slow down, improve your concentration and calm your mind.  Meditation can help you decrease stress and anxiety.