How to host the perfect Christmas lunch

How to host the perfect Christmas lunch


Need to find some perspective in your festive preparations? Read on for a funny take on how to host the perfect Xmas lunch or dinner.

Easy, cheap and meaningful ideas for Christmas

Best Christmas ideas: easy, cheap and meaningful


Build meaningful traditions this Xmas, with cheap and easy activities for babies, toddlers and big kids.

Budget Christmas presents

Do you need cheap Christmas presents?


Christmas shopping already getting you down? Get back on track with funny hints for cheap Christmas presents.

Xmas shopping: why leaving it to the last minute isn't such a bad idea

Xmas shopping: why leaving it to the last minute isn’t such a bad idea


Want to take a different approach to Xmas shopping this year? Here’s a story that will either get your heart racing or put your mind at ease.

Christmas wrapped in generosity

Christmas wrapped in generosity


Do you want to put more meaning into Christmas? Read on for ways to make this Xmas an especially generous one.

Christmas lights Australia

Christmas lights Australia


List of Christmas lights around Australia

thank you letter to santa

Thank you letter to Santa


Printable: Encourage your kids to show gratitude with this thank you letter to Santa that your child can complete and send.

christmas eve box

Christmas Eve box inspiration


Q&A: For people that do the Christmas eve box for their kids what are some things you put in it apart from pj’s and a Dvd?

elf on the shelf ideas

10 High Impact Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Lazy Mums


10 High Impact Elf on The Shelf Ideas for Lazy Mums – if you don’t have time or cant be bothered with elaborate Elf set ups, then these ideas are for you

Family Christmas Traditions to Adopt


Family Christmas Traditions that your family can adopt to add an element of meaning and help build special memories for the whole family.

best kids Christmas movies

Best Kids Christmas Movies


Best Kids Christmas Movies – we have found a variety of Christmas movies that are perfect family viewing. You will find something here to suit your family

Coping With Grief At Christmas


Coping with grief at Christmas is an unfortunate reality for many. Here are some tips to help you get through the Christmas season

Changing it Up: Christmas dinner ideas with a difference!


Christmas Dinner Ideas With a Difference – 5 Ideas to change it up this year and have a Christmas dinner to remember.

3 Reasons I’ll be doing the Elf on the Shelf (none of them are because he’ll tell Santa they’ve been naughty!)


3 Reasons for Doing Elf On The Shelf – Elf on the Shelf does not NEED to report naughty behaviour to Santa, create your own Christmas magic traditions.

9 reasons why Elf on the Shelf didn’t move last night!


9 Reasons Why Elf On The Shelf Didn’t Move – you wake up in the morning to the news that the Elf was found in the same spot – don’t panic. Here are some handy excuses

Top 50 Elf On The Shelf Names of 2015 + Best Elf Printables


Elf on The Shelf Names – First job after you get your Elf on The Shelf is to give them a name – here is a list of ideas to get you started, happy elf naming

christmas stuff

Christmas Eve Box: Creating Traditions


Christmas Eve Box – start the Christmas celebration with a box of surprises for your children. Something to read, something to watch, something to wear and lots more ideas

Having a great Christmas on a shoestring budget


Christmas On A Budget: Christmas is about joy and bringing the family together, not about spending money. Here are some tips to help you stick to a budget

Top 6 Over Achieving Elf on the Shelf Mummies


Over achieving elf on the shelf mummies – these are the amazing planned out elf antics that are scheduled in advance. Rather than the elf quickly thrown in a bowl before you go to bed

Putting Children First at Christmas in Divorced Families


Putting Children First at Christmas in Divorced and Separated Families – its not easy but here are some suggestions from a mum who has been there.

christmas outfits for boys

Christmas outfits for boys


Q&A: I’m looking for pages on facebook or other suggestions for Christmas outfits for boys. I was thinking overalls or vest/shorts?

best christmas presents for toddlers

Best Christmas ideas for toddlers


Best Christmas present ideas for toddlers: What was your toddlers favourite Christmas present? New book? Which toys have they pretty much not touched?

Christmas themed names

Christmas Themed Names


Christmas Themed Names – Girls names, boys names and unisex names that celebrate the Christmas spirit perfect for a baby due near Christmas

Christmas Lights Australia 2015

Christmas Lights Australia 2015


Christmas Lights Australia 2015 – A comprehensive list of houses with Christmas light displays throughout Australia – including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and Hobart

elf on the shelf

Cheapest Elf on the Shelf Australia


We have found the cheapest elf on the shelf in Australia. Your kids will love the cheeky little elf causing trouble around the house this Christmas

Teaching the joy of giving

The Joy Of Giving At Christmas


It’s easy for kids to focus on what Santa is going to leave them under the tree or in their stocking, so how do you teach them that this is the season of giving rather than receiving? We have some great tips to help your kids change their focus and realise that there is so much more to this time of year.

Christmas Day when pregnant

Enjoying Christmas Day when pregnant


Pregnancy is a bit of a roller coaster normally, and being pregnant on the biggest day of the year just adds to the fun! We’ve got some great tips to help you enjoy yourself, as well as some nifty present ideas we hope you’ll find in your stocking this year.

Best Christmas Apps


A list of the best Christmas apps and websites that the kids will love. Actually, who are we kidding – even the adults will love these!

Pregnancy safe Christmas drinks | Baby Hints & Tips

Pregnancy safe Christmas drinks


Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you have to miss out on special Christmas drinks; and the best thing is, the kids can enjoy them too!

Christmas gift wrapping | Baby Hints & Tips

Christmas Gift Wrapping Hack


This gift wrapping technique is amazing!

Christmas Printables | Baby Hints & Tips

FREE Christmas Printable Lists


Free Christmas Printables: Christmas Gift list, Christmas Card List, Christmas To Do List

Christmas for baby

Starting Christmas Traditions with a new Baby


Im just after some christmas traditions ideas that I can start up

Christmas presents for nieces and nephews

Christmas presents for Nieces and Nephews


Q&A: How much do you spend or what do you do for nieces/nephews or cousins for Xmas. Do you spend different amounts for different family members?

Christmas Tree Traditions


Do you have any special put up the Christmas tree traditions? My husband put out tree together last year and put the tinsel on and let our 1 and 3 …

Elf on the shelf arrivals


For those doing Elf on the shelf this year, all Santa’s little Elves will be turning up all the way from the North Pole, what’s your tradition for ‘announcing’ their arrival?

Elf on the Shelf Ideas – Name Ideas


Elf on the Shelf Ideas – Stuck on names for your Elf on the shelf this year?  Here’s some suggestions: Elva. It means “little elf”.   Kara Elvira??   Kylz Holly or …

What do you leave out for Santa and his Reindeer?


Milk and cookies for Santa? Carrots for his reindeer? What do you leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve? Does Santa leave any evidence he has been at your house? We …

christmas lights

Where to see Christmas lights 2014


See the updated list for Christmas Lights Australia 2015 Want to know where to see Christmas lights without having to drive around hoping you stumble across the good ones? We’ve done the …

christmas biscuit

10 Christmas treats to make with the kids


Christmas is a great time to get creative when making treats either with or for the kids. And that includes the big kids too! Check out the links for some great ideas.

christmas tips

5 tips to help you survive Christmas


“I have found, over several years and many family festive seasons, that the best way to get through Christmas is to just accept it for what it is (and for what it is not)”. Here are five tips to help you not only survive, but enjoy one of a parent’s most stressful days of the year.

Dad’s First Christmas


Q&A: I want to get my husband something for Xmas that he can enjoy with our 8mo son. Any ideas? This will be DS first Xmas

Christmas gift ideas for young kids


Lots of present ideas for babies through to preschoolers.