Christmas Craft

Christmas Crafts for Kids – get your kids into the Christmas spirit with these fun Christmas craft ideas. Christmas craft can be used as a personalised Christmas gift, perfect for family or the person who has everything.

3 simple Christmas crafts for young children

3 simple Christmas crafts for young children


Want to craft your way to Xmas in three easy steps? Read on.

Christmas crafts + activities for baby & toddler

6 Christmas crafts and activities for toddlers and baby


Get a head start on Xmas with fabulous crafty activities, suitable for baby and toddler.

Homemade Snow Globes | Baby Hints & Tips

Homemade Christmas Snow Globes


Creating your own magical snow globe is surprisingly cheap and easy. Great for presents of for playtime.

DIY Christmas Bonbons


Christmas Craft: DIY Christmas Bon Bons or Christmas crackers are one of the highlights of Christmas Day. Homemade Christmas Bon Bons are even more special.


DIY Christmas Letter Ornaments


These letter ornaments are super cute and a great personalised present that kids can make themselves.


Christmas Colouring Pages


Your kids will love getting into the Christmas spirit with these Christmas colouring pages.


DIY Christmas Bead Candy Canes


This handmade decoration is a fantastic option if you and the kids need to make a large number of presents for daycare teachers or classmates. They’re simple and look great (and it’s a great fine motor activity too!).


Paddle pop Christmas Tree


These homemade Christmas tree ornaments are a great, easy craft activity to do with the kids, and make cute presents as well. You can use whatever you like to decorate them.

Homemade Christmas Cards With Wrapping Paper

Homemade Christmas Cards With Wrapping Paper


This Christmas card is easy for the adult to prepare and for a young child to make. It is an educational activity too, as children are challenged to order the strips of paper from longest to shortest.

Christmas grinch

{CRAFT} Character Christmas Baubles


I love making Christmas decorations for people at Christmas. It’s my go-to present for teachers and my osteopath and kids of friends. I also make one for each of my children each year – I like the idea that once they leave home they will have a box of decorations to take with them that will remind them of their childhood and Christmases past, as well as form the start of their own Christmas traditions.

christmas cards

Handmade Christmas Cards


Every year I make handmade Christmas Cards, and I’ve always found that the simple designs are not only quicker to churn out, they’re also much more impressive than a more cluttered look. Here are a few designs to help inspire you

christmas bauble

Marble painted Christmas baubles


We love making homemade gifts and what better than Christmas Tree Decorations. My kids had a ball making these and they look amazing. We are going to attach little gift tags and use them as teacher gifts, as well as for family and friends

candy cane decoration

Christmas Candy Cane Table Centrepiece


This stunning Christmas centrepiece is super easy to make and will bring a festive feel to your dinner table or hall table. You can use fresh or fake flowers.

felt Christmas tree

Felt Christmas tree craft


Best way to stop your toddler from climbing your tree and breaking your ornaments? Get them to help you make one they can play with!

reindeer feet craft

{CRAFT} Reindeer Feet


This is a great craft for kids of any age to do, even babies! It makes a great present as well as a keepsake of their tiny feet.

handprint christmas tree

Christmas tree hand painting


This is a craft the whole family can be involved in – and you can make it as big as you want!

Paper Plate Christmas Tree


I’ve always got paper plates around the house, they are fantastic for craft. We’ve made lots of different animals and things out of paper plates before. Today we thought we’d do something a little Christmassy with them. These are really easy and the kids will love them.