Christmas Presents

Christmas Gift Guide For Baby


Christmas Gift Guide for Baby 2015. We have Christmas all wrapped up including items you need, want, can wear and more. Treat your baby and get shopping

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2017


The ultimate Christmas gift guide for 2017 with gifts for baby, kids, mum and dad. Gifts to suit every budget.

Christmas Gift Guide For Her


(This Christmas Gift Guide for Her contains some affiliate links). Are you looking for a stand-out gift for your spouse, gifrlfriend, mum, sister, or grandma? We have you covered for any …

Christmas Gift Guide for Books


(This Christmas Gift Guide contains some affiliate links). We have Christmas gifts for your baby all wrapped up at Baby Hints and Tips. On this page we have everything a …

Christmas Gift Guide For Him


(This Christmas Gift Guide for Him contains some affiliate links). We all know guys can be really hard to buy for – so we’re making it a lot easier for …

Christmas Gift Guide For Family


(This Christmas Gift Guide for Family contains some affiliate links). Why not celebrate Christmas this year by buying a present the WHOLE family can enjoy? There are some amazing goodies …

Christmas Gift Guide For Kids


Christmas Gift Guide For Kids in 2016. Start your Christmas shopping for your kids we have everything including your essentials, unique presents, clothing and more

5 High Impact, Low Cost Christmas Gift Ideas for the whole family


5 Low Cost Christmas Gift Ideas that will have high impact for the whole family. We have ideas for grandparents, your partner, your kids and friends

first christmas gift ideas

Baby’s first Christmas gift ideas


Q&A: Just after ideas for baby’s first Christmas gift

christmas gift guide for parents 2015

Christmas Gift Guide for Parents


Christmas Gift Guide for Parents in 2015. Get your shopping done for the whole family with our Christmas shopping guide for kids, baby and parents

teachers gift

Easy DIY Christmas Gifts For Teachers


Our teachers put so much effort and care into teaching our children, so it’s great to find a way to say ‘Thank you’ as the year draws to a close. Here are some great ideas to choose from.

gift ideas for teachers

Gift ideas for teachers


Q&A: I have a few teachers to give gifts to this year? Any ideas?

Gift ideas for Grandparents


Q&A: What are some ideas for Christmas presents for grandparents?

Stocking filler ideas for toddlers


Q&A: Am thinking of a stocking on the end of the bed for DD this Christmas, I don’t want food (ie chocolate) in it but also don’t want to spend too much on stocking fillers because she has an abundance of presents for under the tree already, the idea was that if she woke up before it’s time to ‘get up’ the stocking stuff would keep her in bed Just wondering what  people pop in their kids’ stockings?

Christmas presents

Christmas present budget for your kids


Q&A: How do you choose how much to buy for your kids for Christmas? Is it a certain amount, number of presents, or something else?

Christmas presents

Christmas gifts for children’s friends at playgroup


I need some ideas for Christmas gifts for children’s friends at playgroup, for around $15 (all of the kids are between 17 – 19 months old).

Handmade Christmas Decorations


Q&A: I’d love to make some decorations with my three year old. Any suggestions what we could make?

Christmas gift ideas for young kids


Lots of present ideas for babies through to preschoolers.