Trying to conceive

age gaps

Age gaps


Q&A: What age gap do you have between your kids? What are the pros and cons of that gap from your experience? See responses from other parents.

planning the sex of your baby

Planning the sex of your baby


Q&A: I’m planning on starting to try for a baby again soon (I’ve got a 1 year old DS) and would like to hear your stories if you used the Maybe Baby or ovulation test sticks etc to “choose” the sex of your baby! I would like to up my chances of getting a girl. See responses from other parents.

faint positive

Is a faint positive pregnancy test still positive?


Q&A:¬†Hello, for all of you who got a ‘faint line’ on a hpt, how faint was ‘faint’ and did your faint positive pregnancy test stay positive?

getting pregnant with pcos

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)


A brief explanation of of what PCOS is, and women who suffer from it share how they tried to conceive.