Three things I wish someone had told me in that first year

First year with baby – 3 things I wish I knew


Find solace with three simple tips to get you through the first year with baby.

Expectations on children to show affection in public - is it okay?

Expectations on children to show affection in public


Its tricky navigating social niceties. Lou speaks out about placing expectations on children to show affection to people they may not feel comfortable around.

Great Dad? Stop congratulating my husband for parenting

Great Dad? Stop congratulating my husband for parenting


This blogger doesn’t tread lightly when she discusses what makes a great Dad.

How to have a fun New Year's Eve as a parent

How to have a fun New Year’s Eve as a parent


Mix it up this New Year’s Eve. Three tips to guarantee fun for you and the kids (or at the very least give you a laugh).

What should I pack in my hospital bag?

What should I pack in my hospital bag?


Take a light-hearted approach to packing your hospital bag.

Bikini line challenges

Bikini line challenges


When you get no warning you are about to have a baby, what do you think about? For Lou it was her bikini line that was lets just say a little overgrown.


Good Bad Palm Oil


Using products containing good palm oil will help prevent deforestation, help save endangered animals like orangutans and support local communities.

unwanted parenting advice

Advice Schmadvice


Three questions to ask before giving out Mummy advice.

Parenting: did I miss a class?

Parenting: did I miss a class?


Lou reminds us that we all bring different parenting styles to the table, and that’s absolutely okay.

Co-Sleeping? More like co-partying!

Co-Sleeping? More like co-partying!


Need a judgement free zone on co-sleeping? Read on for Lou’s hilarious take on this topic.

Toddler tantrums for the time-poor parent

Toddler tantrums for the time-poor parent


Toddler tantrums for the time-poor parent. A humorous blog with ideas on monopolising tantrums to your advantage. Yes tantrums may have a positive.

best sippy cup in 2016

Best sippy cup in 2016


I’m after advice on how to wean my 10.5 month old from having his formula in a bottle to having it in a cup/sippy. I have tried him on a …

best pram 2016

Best pram 2016 – parents choice


We are searching to find the BEST prams for 2016.  A pram is one of the most essential purchases that new parents make and getting the right pram to suit your …

importance of touch

Opinion: The importance of touch – have we forgotten to touch our kids?


Mother and sleep consultant Chantal Cohen shares how a book made her stop and realise the important of touch in her family. Do you touch your children enough

Birth Stories: What to do when it doesn't go to plan

Birth stories: what to do when it doesn’t go to plan


An intimate birth story about when things don’t go to plan and what to do if you find yourself in a similar situation.

Baby Not Sleeping: A tiresome sleep journey…


Baby Not Sleeping – one mum shares her journey of a baby who woke regularly from 4 months. Know that you are not alone and that babies are not all the same.

7 ways to get a ‘break’ from cooking! Yes please!


7 Ways To Get a Break From Cooking – some days thinking of a nutritious meal for the family is the last thing you need. Here are some ideas to have a night off

Discover the products from the Mater Mothers Hospitals!


Mater Mothers’ Hospitals are a Queensland institution, well recognised for their care of women and the many thousands of births they are part of every year. Their commitment to outstanding …

Do’s & Don’ts of an Online Mothers Group


Tips for making the most out of your online mothers group


Opinion: I Officially Need to Apologise to My Friends With Sons


Opinion: Mums of boys – Samantha discusses her experience about how boys really are different to girls much to her surprise.

making mummy friends

How not to make friends with other mothers


Making mummy friends – How to make friends with other mothers. 5 tips to help you make a new circle of friends with your children’s parents

10 ways to cut your grocery bill…


Budgeting Tips: 10 ways you can cut your grocery bill. Save money and have more to spend on your family.

Judgement Free Zone, please shut the gate!


NO more mummy judgement. Lynn, found a sign at her local park stating ‘no technology beyond this point’. Read her reaction towards the judgmental sign.

Opinion: My Paleo Family


Opinion: My Paleo Family is a glimpse into the life of a family who have converted to a paleo diet. What they eat day to day, what snacks they have and more

eating out with kids

Eating Out With Kids (without the nightmares!)


As someone who absolutely loves trying new food, I was determined that, when my baby came along, I would continue to enjoy eating good food at cafes. While it has …

childcare options in Australia

What are your childcare options in Australia?


Picking the perfect care situation for your little one can be a daunting experience. Everything may look okay on first glance, but how do you truly know if your child …

make your own yoghurt

One grocery change saves $840 a year?


Save at the shops: One grocery change saves $840 a year. Learn how Victoria managed to save this much, come tell us what you would do with the extra money

baby charades

Free Baby Printables


Free printables every month sent to your inbox Baby showers Baby milestone printables Christmas printables June – baby shower printable PDF files – Baby Shower BINGO – Baby Charades – …

parenting hacks

Six Been-Around-the-Block Parenting Hacks


I have three kids. They are now one, three and five years old. And while juggling multiple kids is tiring (and rewarding and amazing and I wouldn’t change it for …

sex for new dads - sex after baby

Sex For New Dads… Or The Lack Of It!


Sex for New Dads (or lack of it). Chris shares the reasons why your sex life after baby has fizzled and some great tips to get it back on track.