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How accurate was your gender ultrasound? Can they get it wrong?

gender wrong on ultrasoundI am expecting baby #3 and after 2 boys have just found we are having a girl. While I am super excited either way a little part of me is nervous that they got it wrong. How often do they get gender wrong? Scan was at 19w 3d and I have about 4/5 potty shots which has no evidence of boy bits…..not sure if I should get rid of my boy things just yet.

  • We have 3 boys and are now pregnant with our 4th, we were told girl at 19 weeks 1 day, after having 3 boy ultrasounds we were so sure she was not a he, had it confirmed Wednesday at 26 weeks that we are in fact having a girl! Melissa
  • all my scans wer accurate Simone
  • I was exactly the same 2 boys and 3rd finally was pink. I was told at my 19 week scan no boy bits in sight but still doubted ( even though I’d bought pink stuff lol ) so I asked to double check at my 28 week scan and confirmed girl. Saying all that it was still the first thing hubby and I checked as soon as she was out lol! Congrats on your little girl Amy
  • What boy things? Trucks and things girls can and also should play with, not just boys. I painted my girls bedroom a beautiful sky blue… Figured she will have enough pink and purple in her life with clothes, accessories, teddies etc. keep your boy stuff and us it for her too. Just add a bit more girl stuff for her specially Kat
  • I have been told that they can get it wrong saying it’s a girl when it’s a boy but saying it’s a boy when it’s a girl is less common. I wouldn’t be getting rid of your boy stuff yet. If it is a girl while she is little she can always wear boy clothes for pjs etc my little boy 10 weeks wears his sisters clothes for pjs. Amy
  • I recently had baby #3 which was a boy after 2 girls.. I had extra growth scans and every scan I found myself always asking if it was still a boy. I didn’t get rid of my girls clothes till the last trimester Megan
  • My aunty was told 90% certain that her third was a girl in all the scans…she has three boys and no girl. So they can be wrong. I would also say that not all boy clothes look boyish and can work for a girl too Brad
  • Keep the ‘boy things’ … A baby doesn’t care what they are dressed in – you can always get some girl clothes for going out. Both of my daughters wore boy clothes for the first year or so. It doesn’t matter whether a baby is dressed head to toe in pink or not – someone is going to compliment you on your son at some point lol Kyra
  • It’s always harder to tell with a girl, if they say it’s a boy I’d be more inclined to believe but they are pretty good at it these days. Jessica
  • It can happen. I’d say best if the scan is at least 21-22 weeks. I know 2 people that were told girl and had a boy. If the sonographer said with certainty then I’d trust them and don’t worry about it. I was due Apr 1 and thought…what an April fools if she was a boy. Induced Apr 1 but didn’t have her until Apr 2. 3 lines if it’s a girl Melissa
  • Get all the nice girly things you like but keep your boy things just in case. You can always get rid of them later Alexis
  • Save them for now. Buy some neutral colours and wait until you have another scan they’re prett accurate if they get to look well enough Pru

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  1. First ultrasound 19 weeks have been told girl so excited to have one of each. Last ultrasound 28 weeks told that we should expect a boy. I’m so confused now, they said still can’t be 100% sure as bubs is in a bad spot. They said some girls have swollen gentials or could be a thumb in the pic. He or she was also playing with the umbilical cord making it hard to see. Have another ultrasound at 34 weeks just don’t know weather to keep it a surprise as we are nearly there now.

    • Baby Hints & Tips says:

      Wow Malinda, that is confusing! Good luck, I guess you will know for sure either way pretty soon 🙂

    • Durgesh Nandini Pattnaik says:

      Hi Malinda, So what did you end up having ? A boy or a girl? And is it in the USA (which part). Please reply.