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3 simple Christmas crafts for young children

3 simple Christmas crafts for young children


Want to craft your way to Xmas in three easy steps? Read on.

Budget Christmas presents

Do you need cheap Christmas presents?


Christmas shopping already getting you down? Get back on track with funny hints for cheap Christmas presents.

Xmas shopping: why leaving it to the last minute isn't such a bad idea

Xmas shopping: why leaving it to the last minute isn’t such a bad idea


Want to take a different approach to Xmas shopping this year? Here’s a story that will either get your heart racing or put your mind at ease.

Christmas crafts + activities for baby & toddler

6 Christmas crafts and activities for toddlers and baby


Get a head start on Xmas with fabulous crafty activities, suitable for baby and toddler.

Christmas wrapped in generosity

Christmas wrapped in generosity


Do you want to put more meaning into Christmas? Read on for ways to make this Xmas an especially generous one.

christmas gift guide for baby 2015

Christmas Gift Guide For Baby


Christmas Gift Guide for Baby 2015. We have Christmas all wrapped up including items you need, want, can wear and more. Treat your baby and get shopping

christmas gift guide for kids 2015

Christmas Gift Guide For Kids


Christmas Gift Guide For Kids in 2016. Start your Christmas shopping for your kids we have everything including your essentials, unique presents, clothing and more

christmas eve box

Christmas Eve box inspiration


Q&A: For people that do the Christmas eve box for their kids what are some things you put in it apart from pj’s and a Dvd?

Pink Piggy Bank Wearing Red and White Santa Hat on Snowflakes with Abstract Green and Golden Background - Room for Your Own Text.

5 High Impact, Low Cost Christmas Gift Ideas for the whole family


5 Low Cost Christmas Gift Ideas that will have high impact for the whole family. We have ideas for grandparents, your partner, your kids and friends

best christmas presents for toddlers

Best Christmas ideas for toddlers


Best Christmas present ideas for toddlers: What was your toddlers favourite Christmas present? New book? Which toys have they pretty much not touched?

first christmas gift ideas

Baby’s first Christmas gift ideas


Q&A: Just after ideas for baby’s first Christmas gift

How many Christmas presents per child?

How many Christmas presents per child?


Community question: I’m wondering how many Christmas presents everyone buys their kids – is it always the same or does the number differ?

christmas gift guide for parents 2015

Christmas Gift Guide for Parents


Christmas Gift Guide for Parents in 2015. Get your shopping done for the whole family with our Christmas shopping guide for kids, baby and parents

Teaching the joy of giving

The Joy Of Giving At Christmas


It’s easy for kids to focus on what Santa is going to leave them under the tree or in their stocking, so how do you teach them that this is the season of giving rather than receiving? We have some great tips to help your kids change their focus and realise that there is so much more to this time of year.

Homemade Snow Globes | Baby Hints & Tips

Homemade Christmas Snow Globes


Creating your own magical snow globe is surprisingly cheap and easy. Great for presents of for playtime.

Christmas gift wrapping | Baby Hints & Tips

Christmas Gift Wrapping Hack


This gift wrapping technique is amazing!

Christmas Printables | Baby Hints & Tips

FREE Christmas Printable Lists


Free Christmas Printables: Christmas Gift list, Christmas Card List, Christmas To Do List

Christmas presents for nieces and nephews

Christmas presents for Nieces and Nephews


Q&A: How much do you spend or what do you do for nieces/nephews or cousins for Xmas. Do you spend different amounts for different family members?


DIY Christmas Letter Ornaments


These letter ornaments are super cute and a great personalised present that kids can make themselves.

Homemade Chalk | Baby Hints & Tips

Homemade Chalk


Making your own chalk is surprisingly easy and lots of fun. Pick up some cheap novelty ice cube trays or chocolate moulds to make fun shapes – look out for Christmas, Easter or Halloween trays to make seasonal themed chalks. Try packaging your chalk in a smart box to make an impressive homemade gift or birthday party favour.

Christmas grinch

{CRAFT} Character Christmas Baubles


I love making Christmas decorations for people at Christmas. It’s my go-to present for teachers and my osteopath and kids of friends. I also make one for each of my children each year – I like the idea that once they leave home they will have a box of decorations to take with them that will remind them of their childhood and Christmases past, as well as form the start of their own Christmas traditions.

christmas biscuit

10 Christmas treats to make with the kids


Christmas is a great time to get creative when making treats either with or for the kids. And that includes the big kids too! Check out the links for some great ideas.

christmas granola

Christmas granola recipe


Everyone in my house LOVES this delicious granola with its Christmassy colours of green from the pistachios and red from the cranberries.  Hints of orange and scents of cinnamon really stir up festive feelings and your home will smell divine while it’s baking!

teachers gift

Easy DIY Christmas Gifts For Teachers


Our teachers put so much effort and care into teaching our children, so it’s great to find a way to say ‘Thank you’ as the year draws to a close. Here are some great ideas to choose from.

gift ideas for teachers

Gift ideas for teachers


Q&A: I have a few teachers to give gifts to this year? Any ideas?

candy cane decoration

Christmas Candy Cane Table Centrepiece


This stunning Christmas centrepiece is super easy to make and will bring a festive feel to your dinner table or hall table. You can use fresh or fake flowers.

Happy family at home opening Christmas presents

Gift ideas for Grandparents


Q&A: What are some ideas for Christmas presents for grandparents?

Christmas stockings

Stocking filler ideas for toddlers


Q&A: Am thinking of a stocking on the end of the bed for DD this Christmas, I don’t want food (ie chocolate) in it but also don’t want to spend too much on stocking fillers because she has an abundance of presents for under the tree already, the idea was that if she woke up before it’s time to ‘get up’ the stocking stuff would keep her in bed Just wondering what  people pop in their kids’ stockings?

Christmas presents

Christmas present budget for your kids


Q&A: How do you choose how much to buy for your kids for Christmas? Is it a certain amount, number of presents, or something else?

Christmas presents

Christmas gifts for children’s friends at playgroup


I need some ideas for Christmas gifts for children’s friends at playgroup, for around $15 (all of the kids are between 17 – 19 months old).