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Top tips for Kindness Elves: don't put them away after Xmas

Top tips for Kindness Elves: don’t put them away after Xmas


The Kindness Elves don’t need to be put away after Xmas. These little cuties can help you teach your kids about random acts of kindness anytime of the year.

Easy, cheap and meaningful ideas for Christmas

Best Christmas ideas: easy, cheap and meaningful


Build meaningful traditions this Xmas, with cheap and easy activities for babies, toddlers and big kids.

Budget Christmas presents

Do you need cheap Christmas presents?


Christmas shopping already getting you down? Get back on track with funny hints for cheap Christmas presents.

thank you letter to santa

Thank you letter to Santa


Printable: Encourage your kids to show gratitude with this thank you letter to Santa that your child can complete and send.

christmas eve box

Christmas Eve Box Inspiration


Q&A: For people that do the Christmas eve box for their kids what are some things you put in it apart from pj’s and a Dvd?

best kids Christmas movies

Best Kids Christmas Movies


Best Kids Christmas Movies – we have found a variety of Christmas movies that are perfect family viewing. You will find something here to suit your family

5 High Impact, Low Cost Christmas Gift Ideas for the whole family


5 Low Cost Christmas Gift Ideas that will have high impact for the whole family. We have ideas for grandparents, your partner, your kids and friends

christmas outfits for boys

Christmas outfits for boys


Q&A: I’m looking for pages on facebook or other suggestions for Christmas outfits for boys. I was thinking overalls or vest/shorts?

best christmas presents for toddlers

Best Christmas ideas for toddlers


Best Christmas present ideas for toddlers: What was your toddlers favourite Christmas present? New book? Which toys have they pretty much not touched?

How many Christmas presents per child?

How many Christmas presents per child?


Community question: I’m wondering how many Christmas presents everyone buys their kids – is it always the same or does the number differ?

Teaching the joy of giving

The Joy Of Giving At Christmas


It’s easy for kids to focus on what Santa is going to leave them under the tree or in their stocking, so how do you teach them that this is the season of giving rather than receiving? We have some great tips to help your kids change their focus and realise that there is so much more to this time of year.

Best Christmas Apps


A list of the best Christmas apps and websites that the kids will love. Actually, who are we kidding – even the adults will love these!

DIY Christmas Bonbons


Christmas Craft: DIY Christmas Bon Bons or Christmas crackers are one of the highlights of Christmas Day. Homemade Christmas Bon Bons are even more special.


DIY Christmas Letter Ornaments


These letter ornaments are super cute and a great personalised present that kids can make themselves.


Christmas Colouring Pages


Your kids will love getting into the Christmas spirit with these Christmas colouring pages.


DIY Christmas Bead Candy Canes


This handmade decoration is a fantastic option if you and the kids need to make a large number of presents for daycare teachers or classmates. They’re simple and look great (and it’s a great fine motor activity too!).


Paddle pop Christmas Tree


These homemade Christmas tree ornaments are a great, easy craft activity to do with the kids, and make cute presents as well. You can use whatever you like to decorate them.

Homemade Christmas Cards With Wrapping Paper

Homemade Christmas Cards With Wrapping Paper


This Christmas card is easy for the adult to prepare and for a young child to make. It is an educational activity too, as children are challenged to order the strips of paper from longest to shortest.

christmas bauble

Marble painted Christmas baubles


We love making homemade gifts and what better than Christmas Tree Decorations. My kids had a ball making these and they look amazing. We are going to attach little gift tags and use them as teacher gifts, as well as for family and friends

felt Christmas tree

Felt Christmas tree craft


Best way to stop your toddler from climbing your tree and breaking your ornaments? Get them to help you make one they can play with!

reindeer feet craft

{CRAFT} Reindeer Feet


This is a great craft for kids of any age to do, even babies! It makes a great present as well as a keepsake of their tiny feet.

handprint christmas tree

Christmas tree hand painting


This is a craft the whole family can be involved in – and you can make it as big as you want!

Christmas baking with the kids


Q&A: What Christmas baking treats do you cook with your kids? How do you get them to help?