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Ask an expert – pregnancy category drugs. Which medicines are safe in pregnancy?


Most medicines cross the placenta and have the potential to cause harm to a developing foetus or unborn child. Drug classifications help your health professional know which drugs are safe to take, which need to be considered carefully, and which need to be avoided. This is not information that should be considered without talking to your doctor and or pharmacist.

Stopping breastfeeding with medication


Q&A: Has anyone chosen not to breast feed and taken the tablet to stop your milk from coming in?

Coughs and Colds in Kids


Children will have an average of six to twelve colds in a 12 month period. Our Pharmacist Tanya explains what to look out for, when to head to the doctor, and why you shouldn’t bother buying cough medicine.

Medication in Pregnancy


Medication in pregnancy needs to be taken only after discussion with a qualified professional.  The following is some of the information that can be used to determine if a medication is appropriate in conjunction with chatting to your doctor or pharmacist.

Preventing mastitis


Q&A: Tips to avoid mastitis with my second baby?

Medication Tips: Iron Tablets


If you have low iron, your Doctor may recommend taking iron tablets. These are some of the things you need to be aware of before you start taking them.