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10 Gender Neutral Halloween Costumes for Any Budget!


Long gone are the days of Halloween costumes just being witches, ghosts and skeletons, with kids now often choosing less scary and less traditionally Halloween outfits when they are dressing …

Non-Food Party Bag Ideas Every Child Will Love!


So you’ve been at a party and your kids have eaten their weight in treat foods (well that may be a slight exaggeration but you know what I mean). The …

Top tips for Kindness Elves: don't put them away after Xmas

Top tips for Kindness Elves: don’t put them away after Xmas


The Kindness Elves don’t need to be put away after Xmas. These little cuties can help you teach your kids about random acts of kindness anytime of the year.

Toddler drowning: alarming statistics and ways to prevent it

Toddler drowning: alarming statistics and ways to prevent it


Alarming statistics on toddler drowning underpin water safety message.

Dentist: teeth brushing for toddlers

Brushing toddlers teeth


Need some guidance to get your toddler brushing those pearly whites? Read on.

Toddler tantrums for the time-poor parent

Toddler tantrums for the time-poor parent


Toddler tantrums for the time-poor parent. A humorous blog with ideas on monopolising tantrums to your advantage. Yes tantrums may have a positive.

Fostering makes sense

Fostering makes sense


Fostering – a personal story on why fostering is the ultimate community service that is rewarding for the whole family.

best christmas presents for toddlers

Best Christmas ideas for toddlers


Best Christmas present ideas for toddlers: What was your toddlers favourite Christmas present? New book? Which toys have they pretty much not touched?

toddler not eating

Toddler not eating


Q&A: We’re having real trouble feeding our 20 month old. He just says ‘down’ or gives the ‘finished’ signal almost immediately after he’s started to eat. It’s really stressing me out because he’s already so little for his age.

moving toddler from cot to bed

8 Tips for Toddler Taming


8 Tips for Toddler Taming – help to manage and improve your toddlers behaviour by trying to understand what is behind their actions

Dentist: My toddler has a chipped tooth – what now?


Dental Tips: Chipped tooth. Our dentist shares what to do when your child chips their tooth or knock a tooth out to have the best possible outcome

Develop Toddler Fine Motor Skills


5 Simple Activities to help develop toddler fine motor skills. These cheap and simple activities will help your child to develop their skills

positive behaviour strategies for 18 month old

Positive Behaviour Strategies for Toddlers


Community Tips: Positive Behaviour Strategies for Toddlers. Ideas to manage behaviour like biting, hair pulling and throwing things in an 18 month old

Stopping toddler putting hand in nappy


Q&A: Does anyone have ideas how to get my just 2 yr old to stop putting his hands down the back of his nappy and pulling out poo.

Stopping thumb sucking


Q&A: What worked for you to stop your child sucking their thumb? We have a mum desperate for ideas.

large nappy bag reviews

Large Nappy Bag Reviews


Q&A: I have a newborn and a 16 month old babies and with everything I pack when I go out I find that my normal nappy bag isn’t quite big enough in always carrying an extra little bag, so I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good large size nappy bag.

Sinchies Reusable Food Pouches Review

{REVIEW} Sinchies reusable pouches


By Kristin I have been trialling Sinchies pouches now for quite some time & I have to say I have really been impressed by their design.   So impressed in fact …

best baby products 2015

The Best of Baby & Kids Products April 2015


Shopping: Best Baby and Kids Products for 2015. Shoes, books, furniture and more

When to stop breastfeeding


When to stop breastfeeding. Mums share how they knew when it was time to stop breastfeeding and what influenced their decision to wean

Controlled crying in a toddler


I’ve decided to try control crying with my 14 month old. He use to be a perfect sleeper until he got quite sick now he wakes out of habit 3+ …


Best stroller for travelling with a toddler


We will be traveling overseas with a 17month old in January and was wondering what stroller you would recommend? We bought one of these, it could be folded up and …

Butterflies | Baby Hints & Tips

{CRAFT} Butterflies


This is a really easy rainy day activity to do with the kids.


{REVIEW} Shoezooz Shoe Labels


Shooeze make knowing which shoe goes where easy!

Struggling to leave the house with 2 kids


Q&A: I have a 7 week old and a nearly 2 year old and I’m finding it hard to get out of the house


Stranger Danger


How do you keep your toddler safe if they become separated from you? Here are some tips from a mum who is also a Police Officer.

moving toddler from cot to bed

Transitioning your Toddler from a Cot to a Bed


Tips from parents: How old was your little one when you transitioned them from a cot to a bed? What worked for you? What’s your best tip for making it as hassle free as possible?

Coping with an older baby


How have you coped with your baby in the later months, after the newborn stage has passed and your partner (and possibly you) are back at work? Do you sometimes feel like your in a rut and what have you done to overcome these feelings?

Autism and Fussy Eaters


Fussy eating is a normal part of a toddler’s development between the ages of 18 months and 3 years, but sometimes it can result in food refusal or persist for a long time. Jan Jones provides information about how you can tackle fussy eating and what you shouldn’t do. (Information relates to both general fussy eaters, as well as more specific information for children who are on the autism spectrum)

toddler body awareness activity

{CRAFT} Simple Toddler Body Awareness Activity


One of the wonderful things about toddlers is they are developing independence and becoming more self aware. They are able to use their bodies to accomplish an increasing number of skills such as running, jumping and feeding themselves. They are also beginning to label and classify objects so naming and recognising their body parts is a skill they are often keen to learn.

Cooking with Toddlers


Q&A: What dinners do you like to cook with your toddlers/preschoolers? Our standard is pizzas but would love to try something new, any suggestions?