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10 Classic Baby Shower Game Ideas

Baby shower game ideasPlanning the perfect baby shower to celebrate the impending arrival of your new baby? Baby shower games can be a great way to get your guests to mingle and get the conversation flowing. Check this list of 10 fun baby shower games for inspiration.

Baby Olympics

How to play: Set up a handful of mini events for your guests to enter. Think mini ring toss, spit the dummy (where you see who can spit a dummy the furthest across the room), speed nappy changing and baby bowls (see if you can find pink and blue balls for added fun). Putting your guests into teams where they have to introduce themselves to guests they haven’t met before is a great way for your friends to get to know each other.

Baby Bingo

How to play: Create game cards with common baby items and when the mummy-to-be opens her gifts, the guests must cross off the item if it appears on your game card. The first to yell Bingo wins a prize. Items for the game card could include nappies, wipes, books, towels, linen, play mat, nappy cream, clothes and bibs. Free printable here

Gender reveal – bows or bow ties

How to play: Create pins with blue bow ties and hair clips with pink bows on them. Guests can choose a bow or a bow tie depending on which gender they think your baby will be and wear it to your party. During the party you can do a gender reveal and see who had it right.

Don’t say baby

How to play: Give each of your guests a safety pin/nappy pin to put on their shirt. Choose a word that can’t be mentioned during the party. The hardest is ‘baby’ given everyone will at some point want to talk about your baby or theirs. Or it could be the word ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ if you know what you are having. The person who catches the most people saying the word and has collected the most pins wins.

A-Z of baby names

How to play: If you are still looking for some baby name inspiration, this game can be a lot of fun! Ask your guests to write down a name for every letter of the alphabet. If you don’t know the gender of your baby, ask them to do it for both boys and girls for double the baby name inspiration!

Baby traits

How to play: Create a quiz asking guests to guess which features the mum-to-be wants her baby to inherit from her and her partner. The list could include eyes, nose, smile, hair colour, music taste, sporting team, favourite food, whatever you like! Ask the mum-to-be to fill the quiz out also so you can check the answers.

Baby quiz

How to play: Create a quiz with questions about the mum and dad to be as babies. An example could be; “As a baby, was she an early bird or a night owl?” or “When he was a toddler, who was his favourite superhero?” This game is great as it gives the grandmothers a trip down memory lane and gives the guests some ideas on what your future baby might be like. The person with the most correct answers wins.

Dirty Diapers

How to play: Fill disposable nappies with some gooey melted chocolates and see who can guess which dirty diaper has which chocolate in it. You can try Picnic, Maltesers, Marvellous Creations, Cherry Ripe and more. Free printable here

Our baby

How to play: Create a big chalkboard with a few columns and rows. Put your guests names down the far side and ask them to visit the chalkboard and guess a few stats about your baby. Things such as gender, due date, birth weight and name. The person with the closest guess wins a prize, however you will have to do an IOU after your bundle of joy has arrived.

Size me up

How to play: Get a roll of string and a pair of scissors and ask guests to guess the circumference of your baby belly. Then go from guest to guest getting them to measure their string around your belly. The closest guess wins.

What games did you play at your baby shower, comment below

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