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10 of the best Halloween costumes for kids

Whether you’re a fan of All Hallow’s Eve or not you can’t deny that seeing kids and pets in costumes brings a smile to your face. However, if your kids are getting into the spooky spirit, here are some of the best kids Halloween costumes that will set your kids up for ‘best costume’ award.

1. The Ringmaster Halloween Costume
Ringmaster halloween costume for kids

Any fan of ‘The Greatest Showman’ will be shoving their child into this costume. The details like the fringe on the shoulders are just perfection!
you can buy it right here.

2. Astronaut Costume

Astronaut costume

That’s one small step towards a Halloween party and one huge step towards cuteness overload!
This space-tacular costume can be found at Target.

3. Spooky Witch for Halloween
witch costume in grey

While witches on Halloween aren’t exactly groundbreaking, witch please, they’re also a classic. The white/grey take on a witchy costume really does bring it to life.
You can find this costume right here.

4. The Cutest Dragon Ever

red dragon Halloween costume for babies

Finding costumes for infants at your local shops can be challenging if you leave it til last minute. But if you act fast your little dragon can bring this totally adorable dragon to life.
Get this fire-breathing costume here.

5. Pennywise the scariest Halloween Costume
pennywise clown costume for Halloween

For the child who truly wants to terrify the neighbourhood. Sure, the little kids won’t get it but the adults who open the door to this nightmare-inducing clown may not talk to you at the next strata meeting.
This terrifying costume can be bought here, if you dare.

6. Baby Shark Doo Doo

Baby Shark costume for Halloween

Sorry, you’ll probably be singing ‘Baby Shark doo, doo, doo, doo” for the rest of the day. But how can you go past this cute shark costume?
Find it circling other costumes right here.

7. Harry Potter Costume

Harry Potter kids costume for Halloween

Your child can turn any Halloween event into a Wizarding World of magic in this Harry Potter costume.
Find it at Diagon Alley, I mean Kmart.

8. Butterfly Halloween Costume
butterfly kmart halloween costume for kids

Not all costume have to be scary but with this $5 find, you’ll get plenty of play out of it and make one little person super happy.
Find it here before it flies away.

9. Wonder Woman Costume

Wonder Woman Halloween costume for kids

This super costume will empower your little queen into the all-powerful Wonder Woman. A wonderful role-model for girls, to show them girls can kick butt as much as boys!
Find this costume here.

10. Monster Costume

monster costume for Halloween for baby

Help your little monster’s personality match their costume. How can you resist putting your baby into this costume? So damn cute!
Find this costume right here.

Are you crafty? Have you made your child’s Halloween costume? We’d love to hear about it! Perhaps, you’re going to a Halloween party and need to bring a plate. Try these spook-tastic treats!

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