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11 month old routine – sleep and your 11 month old baby

You’ve almost reached your little one’s first year!  Your 11 month old baby is possibly standing (wobbly but maybe on her feet) and ready to take on the world.  While them growing up means things are (hopefully!) getting a bit easier for you – you can definitely still benefit from an 11 month old routine. We asked an expert and our parent community for how they look after their 11 month olds.


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Ask The Expert – Tara Mitchell talks the 11 month old routine

We asked Tara Mitchell, baby sleep consultant, what mums can expect from an eleven month old baby.  If you have any concerns with your baby’s health or development make sure to contact your GP as soon as possible.

Before you know it you will have a toddler. Crazy right!? So let’s talk about the bedtime routine. It’s so important to keep your bedtime routine in check even more so as your little one gets older. Make sure it’s a step-to-step and not spread out over a number of hours. It may look something like this: Dinner – Bath – Feed – Play – Book/Song – Bed. I generally recommend keeping the last feed of the evening at least 20 minutes away from bedtime. If your little one is fighting sleep, when it’s time to head into their cot I would take note of any opportunities you are perhaps unknowingly giving them to lull in the bedtime routine. For example TV time: it doesn’t take long for your little one to feel like they have rested and re-booted, making the settle ahead much harder. Be sure to keep their bedtime positive and stay confident in your approach – holding routine and patterns in place for your little one provides them familiarity and security.

Mums tell us what to expect from an 11 month old


  • wake at 6:30, breakfast 7:00, go for a walk in the pram/ inside play (weather permitting), 8:45 bottle and bed for 2 hours, morning tea (fruit or yoghurt or cheese), usually go to town for shopping shopping or something that needs done (squeeze a sandwich in somewhere), 2:00 bottle and bed for 2 hours, 4:00 inside play, 5:30 dinner, 6:00 bath, quiet play, 7:00 bed Kiaya
  • Formula feed 5:30/6, wake for bottle snooze until 7, 7 wake, 7:30 weet-bix with formula instead of milk, 8:30 homemade fresh juice watered down, 10 sleep, 11:30/12 wake up, 12/1 bottle, 2 snack, fruit, crackers, yogurt (whatever is around). 2:30/3 sleep, 4 wake up, 4:30 afternoon tea (sachet of food from Coles), 6:30 bath, 6:45 bottle, 7 bedtime. Alicia
  • Wake between 6:30-7:30am. Breakfast at 8:00. Play. Bottle at 10 then nap for an hour or more. Lunch at 12. Play. Bottle at 2 before a nap for at least an hour. Afternoon tea at 3:30/4:00. Dinner at 6. Bath. Bottle at 7:00 & in bed by 7:30. Jodie
  • Wake between 5:30-6:30, 200ml bottle, up for breaky at 7, short cat nap (which he is trying to cut out) at about 8:30, then out for morning busy with swimming, play session, park or shopping. While out morning tea, 200ml bottle at about 11:30-12, then back to bed by 12:30 for 2-3 hrs, afternoon tea when wakes, lots of play around house and backyard with brother . Dinner at 5:00, bath then book and 250ml bottle for bed by 6:15-6:30 at the latest. Most nights he sleeps through but if he doesn’t offer water. Justine
  • Wake up 7am , breakfast by 8am. Play time. Bottle and sleep by 10am. He can sleep anywhere between 1-3 hours. Then lunch and if he had a short sleep, another nap. Dinner by 5:30-6, more play with siblings, bath, bottle and bed by 8:15pm. But my 11 month old wakes up at night, and stays awake for 2-3 hours. Fadia
  • Still Breastfeeding, 7 wake up, feed, 8 breakfast, 10-1130 sleep, 1130 biscuit or cheese, 12ish lunch, 230 feed, 3-4 sleep, 5ish dinner, Bath, 7-730 feed and bed Michelle
  • Wake up 6:30 / 7:00am, breakfast, bf at 8:00am, bed 9:30ish sleep for 1.5 hrs. Lunch at 12ish, sandwich, banana and yoghurt, bf at 1pm, sleep at 1:30/ 2:00ish, wake at 3:30, dinner at 5:00pm, bath 6:00pm, bf at 6:30pm, bed at 7:00pm, I also have a 2.5yr old so they play together a lot thank goodness! haha Bek
  • 6am bf, 7am weetbix, 8am play, 930ambf 10-12pm nap 1230pm lunch eg- vegemite n cheese sangas, yoghurt, fruit.1-230pm play , 230 bf, 3-4pm nap 4-6 play 6-630 tea minced version of family meal, 7pm bath, 730pm bf, 8pm bed 12-1am bf Jo
  • 6-6:30am – wake up, have her formula then baby-porridge for brekky and a play, 8:30 – back to bed for a nap for 2 hours, 10:30 – morning snack and water and a play, 12-12:30 – lunch and a bottle, 1:30-2pm – afternoon nap for 2 or 3 hours (depending on how sleepy she is), 4pm – afternoon snack and water and a play, 5:30-6pm – dinner, 6:30 – a small amount of formula in the playpen to keep her happy while mummy has dinner, 7:45 – bath, 8pm – bottle, 8:30pm – bedtime She has water in a sippy-cup that she has around all day in case she’s thirsty, and she’ll also have a rusk to chew on maybe once a day Kate
  • Wake between 5.30 & 7 (normally 6am though), breastfeed, play with toys, 7.30 breakfast of porridge, weet-bix or toast, more play then 8.30 Bed & breastfeed. She will sleep between 40min to 1 and a 1/2 hours. (After this nap we usually head out for the weekly shop, swimming or mums’ group on 3 days, the other 2 days are home days for cleaning.  Half an hour after she wakes we do a snack of fruit or crackers. 12pm is lunch normally vegies or fruit or something on the go. Rush home for a 1pm breastfeed or formula if we are still out and afternoon nap at 1 as well. Sleeps usually 40min but longer if she napped at her morning sleep. Snack again at 3 usually fruit or crackers, Play with toys or a story. Dinner between 4.30 & 5 then bath at 5.30/5.45 and breastfeed and bed at 6pm. Lots of food as she barely eats anything, i normally just let her play with her toys herself and join in when needed. Samara
  • Awake at 530 eek! Play time with toys, 630 breakfast – weet-bix with whole milk and fruit, more toy play/quiet reading time at 8 following bf, Bed 830 – 1.5 hours – only 45 if being babysat. I work 2 days a week, Out and about – visiting friends/park, 1130 lunch – depends if I am home or out as to what.
  • 130/2 bed for nap after breast feeding 1.5-2 hours for me otherwise 45-1 hour, Play with toys and afternoon snack usually a cracker or such like, Dinner 430, Book time, Bath about 530, Bed following bath and massage followed by breast feeding so about 6-630, Still wakes during the night 1-2 times, more if I have worked.
  • Has water with every meal and offered during the day, We read a lot of books and do puzzles. Currently loves sticker books Jennifer
  • 6.30-7.00 wake up. 7.00 breakfast of cereal, yoghurt,  fruit, and toast. Play time. 8.30 bottle (180ml) and book then bed for 1-1.5 hrs. Play time either at playgroup, swimming lessons or at home (inside or outside in sandpit). Sometimes give M/tea depending when he wakes. 11.30 lunch of sandwich or mashed avocado, fruit, savory muffin, ham, cheese. 12.30-1.00 bottle (180ml), book then bed for 1-2 hrs (lately only 1!) 3.00 Afternoon tea: yogurt, cheese and biscuit snack. Playtime inside or out or shopping. 5.00 dinner of meat, veggies and fruit. 5.30 bath then playtime until bottle (180 ml) at 6.15/6.30, book then bed by 6.30/6.45. Water offered and drunk at every meal and throughout day. Liz
  • 530am-wake and breastfeed then breakfast and play with sister, 830am – nap til 11am then snack and play or shopping before lunch. 12pm lunch, then play or visit friends til 230, 230 -nap after breastfeed, 430 wake, play til bath around 5 then dinner 530-6 then in bed by 630 after breastfeed. Renee
  • I have 4 little ones so my nearly 12month old has just adapted to their routine- up at 5/6am (much to my horror), breastfeed, breaky, play (sandpit, inside toys, stories, bubbles, just following his siblings around the house/backyard) lunch, breastfeed, sleep midday-2pm, afternoon tea, play play play, park or shops maybe, breastfeed, bath around 5pm, dinner 5:30, evening walk & bed 6:30/7pm. Thats IF it all goes to plan  Cassie
  • Wake 6-6.30, have bottle (120 mls), Breakfast 8, toast & fruit, Bed 10 till 11, Bottle 11, (120 mls) Lunch 12.30 sandwich/ fish finger/ fruit/ yoghurt, Bed 2.45 till 3.30, Afternoon tea when they wake. Biscuit/fruit, Dinner 5.15 rissoles, veg, rice, fruit, Bottle (180 mls), Bed 7.30 Cyrene
  • Wake up 7:30, breakfast 8:30, nap around 10 for an hour, lunch at 12, nap at 3 with a bottle (around 150ml), dinner at 5, bath at 7, bottle (180mls) then bed at 7:30, 180ml bottle at 4am otherwise she wakes at 5:30. We play with toys blocks, soft toys, walker, watch cartoons for 30 mins in the morning, play a lot with pillows and blankets at the moment. My daughter loves the park, lake and river and she loves water. My husband is on a 3 month holiday atm so he plays with her a lot too. Tamara
  • Wake up between 7am-8am. Breakfast 15-20mins after waking up. 1-2 hour nap at roughly 10am. Lunch after waking. Nap from 3-4:45pm. Then dinner at 5:30, bath at 6 and bed at 7pm. We aren’t strict on our daily routine but pretty strict on bedtime routine. Throughout the day I play with him with his toys – his fave are his rides on Thomas and tractor. We play outside in the blow up pool now its hot. Go for walks, to the shops, park, picnics etc. he is very mobile though… crawling and walking short distances on his own. We just do whatever really. Kirsty
  • Wake up 6.30am. 200ml bottle. Breakfast at 8am. Bath or wash (alternate days). Play. Nap 10.30. Lunch 12-1 depending on how long nap is. Play, walk/shopping with me. Park some days. Bottle 200ml and nap 3pm. Tea 5pm. Play. Bottle 200ml and Bed 7.30 Ashlee

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