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Considering adoption

considering adoptionHas anyone adopted? How did you find the process? International or domestic? Curious to hear from anyone who’s experienced any facet of adoption.

  • I haven’t adopted, but when I was looking into it you could only adopted within Australia if u were classified as unable to have children naturally. If u are able to have children but want to adopt, you have to look overseas, which takes a lot f time (and each country has it’s unique set of standards that parents must reach). It costs money to even initially lodge the paperwork, regardless of it u get accepted to proceed to adopting stage…it’s such a shame that it is so hard here in oz.  Carmel
  • Adoption in Australia is a joke. We’ve had close friends on the Australian adoption list for 6 years. If there are no suitable children in Australia up for adoption you can generally only register with 1 country at a time who then have specific criteria ie married for at least 5 years, some occupations excluded, no previous children or if you do that child has to be minimum 5 years old. Those rules were for China. We also had other friends on the list in Australia for 8 years gave up and went and adopted twins in PNG. Australia need to get with the program, so many deserving families out there waiting for years!! Good luck!  Chelsea
  • Have tried foster care my nan works in family services and they scream out for people to take on kids of all ages as young as hours old…Eboni
  • I did an assignment on adoption in oz a few years ago and found it was impossible. My info could be outdated now but i found the waiting list is now shut, u had to be a married m/f couple, financially secure, one of u had to be infertile (unable to conceive), um and there was an age limit, like not over 45?? Stretch of the memory here but i was shocked at how impossible it was. No wonder ppl go overseas…Jodie
  • After many years of Ivf with no luck my hubby and I went to all of the adoption seminars, registered and were approved for local and overseas ( Ethiopia ) adoption only for our file to sit on the adoption managers desk for over 5 years until the program was ceased . It is a terrible system which claims to be in the best interest of the child???? I doubt sitting in an orphanage until you are too old for someone to adopt is in their best interest. After ten long years We are now lucky enough to have a baby in our arms thanks to a lovely surrogate.  Angela


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