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Allergy Friendly Marshmallow Halloween Mummy

allergy friendly marshmallow

Halloween can be tricky when you’ve got a child with allergies. For once, turn that tedious ‘no, sorry buddy’ into a ‘yep, you sure can’ with these allergy friendly marshmallow mummies!

It’s always a winner to find an allergy friendly recipe that also looks and tastes delicious. With no egg, dairy or gluten this is a treat that’s rare as hens teeth. So, grab your kid and get in the kitchen – it’s time to make some Halloween memories together.

Of course, when its not Halloween these allergy friendly marshmallows can be a regular treat – no mummy attire required! Here’s how to make them – you’re sure to be the number one mum when you present these spooky little fellas!

Allergy Friendly Marshmallow Halloween Mummies

These lovely white clouds of fluff are a favourite with our little ones! We have put a spin on a party favourite and made them into allergy friendly Halloween treats.

This is one of the first recipes we created and is still much loved by our children. Our marshmallows are usually the first plate to empty at any party, and no one has any idea that they are completely free of all the common allergens!


2 tbsp gelatine or agar-agar
1/2 cup of boiling water
2 cups caster sugar
1/2 cup hot water
2 tsp vanilla extract
Icing sugar
Black food colouring


1. Line an 8″ square pan with baking paper and sprinkle with icing sugar.
2. Put boiling water in small bowl, add gelatine/agar-agar and set aside to bloom.
3. Mix caster sugar with hot water and stir until sugar has dissolved.
4. Add gelatine/agar-agar mixture to the pot and bring to the boil, remove from heat.
5. Set aside to cool slightly then add vanilla.
6. Beat mixture with an electric beater for 15 minutes until doubled in size and fluffy.
7. Pour into prepared pan and spread with a spatula.
8. Leave to cool for at least 6 hours (overnight is best).
9. Lift from the pan and peel baking paper from the back.
10. Cut into rectangles, keep a 2cm length of marshmallow aside to make the cobwebs with and sprinkle with icing sugar.
11. Heat extra marshmallow in the microwave for 30 seconds.
12. Stir until it is cool enough to touch (about 2 minutes).
13. Pick up some of the cooled melted marshmallow between two fingers, when you pull it apart it will make a long string. Wrap the strings of marshmallow in different directions over top of the rectangles to make layers of the ‘mummy cloth’.
14. Add two dots of black food colouring for the eyes.

Here’s another idea by Food Allergy PI for more allergy free marshmallow with a Halloween twist using Nutter Butter. If you’re dealing with an allergy kid that’s another great website to bookmark!

allergy free marshmallow


About the Author:

Two sisters inspired by our little ones with allergies and our love of parties! We create and adapt lots of party favourites and make them allergy friendly. We felt it was important that guests without allergies couldn’t tell the difference, and our guests with food allergies could tuck in.

Find us on www.thetranquilkitchen and on Facebook

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