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cutting multiple teeth at once

Dentist Advice on Cutting Multiple Teeth at Once + Our Community Tips

Our 20 week old has cut 4 teeth and his gums are swollen in a few more places with even more. Has anyone else had so many come through at the same time?

Baby Won't Keep Hat On

Baby Won’t Keep Hat On

Community advice to help with an 11 month old baby who wont keep their hat on. Suggestions include using a hat with a chin strap, persistence and more ideas.

clean house with kids

How to Have a Clean House with Kids.

{Discussion} I would love to know how or when other parents get their house work done.

Hip dysplasia

Tips for Hip Dysplasia Diagnosis at 10 Months

Q&A: My daughter is 10 months old and has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia. She has a rhino brace and has to wear it for 3 months. She was previously extremely active and now is limited with her movements causing her to get very frustrated.

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction in pregancy

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD)

Q&A: Can anyone please share their experiences with symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD)?

Most comfortable clothing for labour

Q&A: What did you find most comfortable clothing for labour? In all stages? It will just be myself and Hubby in the room with the midwife.

sleeping 10 month old following her daily routine

10 month old routine – sleep and your 10 month old baby

Q&A: Tell us about your 10 month old’s day.

overdoing it after c section

Overdoing it after a C-section

Q&A: I know everyone heals differently but just curious as to how much/little activity/chores mums did after a c section?

Chinese Gender Chart - Baby Gender Prediction

Does the Chinese Gender Chart Actually Work?

Q&A: Has the Chinese Gender Chart been correct or incorrect when predicting the gender of your baby?

essential baby items

Baby Essentials And Money Wasters – We Asked 240,000 Aussie Mums!

We ask our community of 240,000 mums – What are the baby essentials and what are the total money wasters!

Night terrors, nightmares

Is your Baby suffering from Night Terrors or Nightmares?

Q&A: Has anyone experienced night terrors or nightmares with their baby? I’m not sure if that is what is keeping my 10 month old awake at night. He has been waking up crying every hour. I have watched him cry in his sleep and then sit up still crying.

One year old having a nap as part of her routine

One year old routine – sleep and your one year old baby

Q&A: Tell us about your 1 year old’s day.

sleeping 11 month old with mother

11 month old routine – sleep and your 11 month old baby

Q&A: Tell us about your 11 month old’s day.

Meaningful Baby Names with TERRIBLE Meanings

Meaningful Baby Names That Actually Have TERRIBLE Meanings!

Have you named your baby a name with a negative meaning?

Irritable Uterus

Irritable Uterus – What is it? What are the issues? What do you need to know?

Irritable Uterus: Mums share their experience with an irritable uterus and if they carried baby to term

Raspberry Tea and Pregnancy

Raspberry Leaf Tea – The Pregnancy Aide You’ve Never Heard Of

Q&A: Just wondering at what stage in pregnancy did other mums start drinking raspberry tea and do you believe it helped with your labour?

Surrogacy in Australia

Surrogacy in Australia – What’s To Know?

Q&A: I am seeking advice about surrogacy and if anyone has had success here in Australia.

Anterior Placenta

Anterior Placenta – What Does It Mean and How May It Impact Your Pregnancy?

Q&A: Just curious when other mummys with anterior placentas felt their baby move? This is my 2nd pregnancy but last time my placenta was at the back.

baby temperature, 8 month old baby sleeping

8 Month Old Routine – Sleep and Your 8 Month Old Baby

Q&A: Tell us about your 8 month old’s day.

Sleeping 9 month old baby

9 Month Old Routine – Sleep And Your 9 Month Old Baby

9 month old routine – parents share what their 9 month old does on an average day. Includes when baby wakes, sleeps, eats and plays

Top first birthday present ideas

Q&A: My babies first birthday is coming up soon and I am after some present ideas aside from the normal toys and clothes as he got a lot at Xmas! Anything different or bit more special?

must have baby skin products

Must Have Baby Skin Products – Baby Skin Care Hints and Tips

Q&A: I am due to have my baby boy soon, wondering whats the best baby products to use on my newborns skin? (Bathwash,soap,Wipes,nappies,rashcream,lotion,etc)

12 week gender ultrasound – is it accurate?

Community Tips: How often is gender wrong on ultrasound? Parents share their experience with incorrect ultrasound predictions.

dreams about baby gender

Dreams About Baby Gender: Are They Gender Predictors? Our mums weigh in!

Q&A: What has been your experience with baby gender dreams? Accurate or not accurate?

Elf On The Shelf Is Coming – Arrival Ideas With Wow Factor!

For those doing Elf on the shelf this year, all Santa’s little Elves will be turning up all the way from the North Pole, what’s your tradition for ‘announcing’ their arrival?

rhesus negative

Rhesus Negative blood type in pregnancy

Q&A: Has anyone had any experience with being a Rhesus negative blood type and have previously given birth to a Rhesus positive baby? I understand subsequent pregnancies can be high risk after giving birth to Rh+ baby and would like to know how other people have gone with their following pregnancies. (Obviously i will be having the anti D injections).

baby swimming

When did you first take your baby swimming?

Q&A: Just wondering how many weeks/months did you wait before taking your baby swimming in both public and private pools?

baby engaged

How early was your baby engaged?

Q&A: How early did your baby engage and how long after baby engaged did you go into labour?

pamper yourself

Pamper yourself during pregnancy

Q&A : What did you do ‘just for you’ to pamper yourself during your pregnancy. What did you treat yourself too to help get through your pregnancy.

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