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preparing for big school

4 Top Tips for Preparing for Big School – Start Now!

4 Tips for preparing for big school. It is time to start now to get your kids ready to start big school now. Here are some tips to make starting school a more enjoyable experience

Top Tips to choose ‘Quality’ Childcare – it’s like Chocolate!

Expert Advice – 5 Tips for choosing a daycare for your child to help make sure it is the best decision for their happiness and well being.

10 ways to cut your grocery bill…

Budgeting Tips: 10 ways you can cut your grocery bill. Save money and have more to spend on your family.

healthy sweet potato chips recipe

Healthy Crunchy Chippies

Recipe: YUM! Start the oven and bake these chips using this healthy sweet potato chips recipe. A delicious alternative to deep-fried chips.

Speech Milestones: Two Year Olds

Expert Tips: Speech Pathologist, Clare, explains speech milestones age 2 and 3. Including what children should be able to say at those ages.

Day Night Confusion in Baby Sleep

Day night confusion in babies. Expert tips to help rectify the day/night confusion and get baby into a regular pattern.

The Transition From Two Naps To One

Expert Tips on dropping day sleeps: Our resident sleep consultants share some tips on how and when to transition from two naps to one with your toddler

sleeping bag review

A sleeping bag to save your sleepless sanity?

Baby Sleeping Bag Review – save your sanity

Expressing, Storing & Managing Breast Milk

Midwife Tips: Expressing and storing breastmilk. Pump regularly or need to get organised for a special occasion, here are the best tips to get started.

Mother Warns of Hand Sanitiser Danger

Kirri shares her experience about hand sanitiser dangers after her daughter consumed some and was taken by ambulance to hospital with her jaw clenched…

Show stopping just born photography by Shannon Jensen

We love birth and just born photography here at Baby Hints & Tips. It just makes you feel a certain way. Tingles. Goose bumps. You marvel in awe at the …

Creating a Gorgeous Kids Reading Nook

It’s important to introduce reading at an early age. Not only does it help to stimulate their imagination but it helps with children’s educational, neurological, linguistic and social development. A …

mummy me time

7 ways to achieving mummy ‘me time’!

7 ways to find mummy me time. Learning to say NO, culling your to do list, organise a baby sitter and other ideas to look after yourself after kids

ideas to entertain baby

7 No Cost Ways To Entertain With Baby!

7 ideas to entertain baby at NO cost. You don’t need to spend money to keep baby happy and active. Here are some great games and activities for you and baby

Easy Under the Sea Crafts: Aquarium Sushi Project

Get Creative and recycle with this under the sea crafts using a sushi container.

List of Which Foods help Morning Sickness

List of which foods help morning sickness and some information about each of them.Some also help with pregnancy cravings.Your pregnancy super hero foods

Opinion: My Paleo Family

Opinion: My Paleo Family is a glimpse into the life of a family who have converted to a paleo diet. What they eat day to day, what snacks they have and more

Amazing Birth Photography by Allison Cox

There’s nothing more powerful, more amazing or more primal than giving birth. Allison Cox has captured the elation, the pain, the tears and the triumphs in a series of  photos …

bowel cancer awareness

Bowel Cancer: that elephant in the room

Personal story to promote bowel cancer awareness. Know the risks and what to look out for to protect yourself and your family and detect bowel cancer early

Breastfeeding Beyond Infancy

A mums journey as an unexpected extended breast feeder. Read about the benefits of extended breast feeding

Surviving the post birth period

Ideas for surviving postpartum through the challenges and high expectations we put on ourselves as parents. Such as learn to say no to avoid over committing

Cheese and Bacon Bites

Recipe: Cheese and Bacon Bites Thermomix or Traditional Method. These delicious bites are a perfect snack, simple lunch or quick dinner

Craft Inspired by The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Craft: A fun activity using a spoon and buttons to make a the Very Hungry Caterpillar Inspired Craft. A great rainy day activity to keep the kids busy

Delayed Cord Clamping – Midwife explains

Midwife Tips: Midwife, Michelle, explains what delayed cord clamping is and information on should you use delayed cord clamping with your children

4 ingredient quiche - corn and carrot mini quiche

4 Ingredient Quiche – Corn and carrot mini quiche

4 Ingredient Quiche. These mini quiches make the perfect finger food for little fingers. Using carrot, corn, egg and cheese. Simple and delicious

eating out with kids

Eating Out With Kids (without the nightmares!)

As someone who absolutely loves trying new food, I was determined that, when my baby came along, I would continue to enjoy eating good food at cafes. While it has …

Urinary Incontinence: Ending the Dribble

Urinary Incontinence – incontinence is not normal. Some advice and references to help and know when to seek professional help

make your own yoghurt

One grocery change saves $840 a year?

Save at the shops: One grocery change saves $840 a year. Learn how Victoria managed to save this much, come tell us what you would do with the extra money

benefits of baby swimming

The Benefits of Baby Swimming

Baby swimming lessons for most parents bring up feelings of elation and pride as they watch baby grow and thrive in the aquatic environment. However, for some parents, they may …

Best Group Activities for Baby to Toddler

Best Group Activities For Babies and Toddlers – Some great ideas to entertain and nurture your children including playgroup, gym, rhyme time and more