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Mother-of-two. Tea lover. Lego Ninja. Expert in carpet Play Dough extraction. Victoria Louis is a 30-something writer based in Sydney, NSW. A former marketing manager who loves to laugh there’s no topic she won’t explore. Victoria is full of opinion, big on kindness and believes the day is always better with a dash of lipstick.
youngest mum

11 Year Old Gives Birth to Become Britain’s Youngest Mum

An 11 year old girl has given birth –  and is now believed to be Britain’s youngest mum. Shocking family, friends and authorities, nobody even knew the girl was pregnant. …

parenting dating site

9 Cool Facts You Didn’t Know About Online Sperm Donor-Ship in Australia

It’s always a topic which fascinates. From free sperm online to parenting dating websites, home insemination to the applicable laws, we share 9 cool facts you probably didn’t know!

Day Care Drugged Melatonin

Teachers Charged: Day Care Drugged Tots with Sleep Inducing Gummy Bears

Parents are outraged and police are now prosecuting day care workers accused of using melatonin-laced gummy bears to make the children go to sleep. It was an anonymous tip that …

Mum Accuses Day Care of Secretly Waxing Her Two Year Old’s Monobrow!

We’re all looking for child care that goes ‘above and beyond‘ but this centre seems to have taken the saying a little too far… Mother, Alyssa Sagado has turned to …

screen time teens

Study Proves ‘Screen Addicted’ Kids Are Miserable

A study by the University of San Diego has proven what we’ve secretly known all along… Screen time isn’t the key to happiness (despite what your children might think!) Researchers …

Back to School Organisation

Ideas for Back to School Organisation? Here’s the 21 Best of the Best Hacks!

Make getting the kids ready for school a breeze with our 21 of the best inspiration and ideas for back to school organisation.

sex positions for pregnancy

Best Sex Positions to get Pregnant

If you’re wondering the best sex positions to get pregnant, guess who’s here to demonstrate? Yes we said demonstrate. And the answer is Barbie. Whoever said Barbie isn’t an educational …

Kojo Designs DIY Lego Storage Table

How to Store Lego: 11 Awesome Lego Storage Hacks Mums will Love

Everything about Lego is awesome. That is, everything other than, Lego storage. We’ve scoured the net and here’s the best ideas from simple to #storagegoals. Get ready to get organised!