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Baby apps suggestions to track feeds, sleep and nappy changes

baby appsJust wondering if there are any recommendations on free baby apps for my phone to record a newborns feeding that covers breastfeeding, formula and expressed milk? Would be an added bonus if it has sleep and nappy recording

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  • I use baby day book. Its a free download and has saved my sanity! Records sleep feed nappies medicine the lot! Danielle
  • I used sprout and it was fantastic! Had everything including activity time and showed you a weekly chart of their patterns! However after a couple of weeks I found I was stressing myself out more because I was so worried about the numbers life was so much easier without it lol Rebecca
  • Feed baby app. You can record all that you have mentioned Louise
  • I have a fantastic app called feed baby it was completly free for android and has everything you are looking for. Amber
  • eed Baby does all plus more – nappies, sleeps, baths, growth, medicines. It has lots of different displays too like graphs, charts and daily overviews! Tamara
  • Baby tracker Virginia

SEE ALSO: Baby apps suggestions to track feeds, sleeps and nappy changes

  • Sprout. Also has a memories section where you can record milestones and photos. Alicia
  • Feed Baby. Records all feedings and sleeps, poops/pees etc as well if you want. Cindy
  • Baby Daybook has everything!!!!! Bottle, expressing (what boob and how long you expressed for, how much you got, and the time and time since), nappy changes (wee n poop), baths, tummy time… so sooo much! The whole list wouldn’t fit in the screenshot! Emma
  • One that some of my friends love is What to Expect Baby Tracker. It has feedings, sleeping, diapers, vaccinations, you can check development with it and a few other things. I’m going to use it once baby girl is here in the next couple weeks. Alicia

What baby apps made life with a newborn easier for you?

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