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Baby Name Traps You Really Want to Avoid!

baby names to avoidFinding the perfect name for your new baby can be quite the task! We all have our own idea of what constitutes as the ideal choice, and then you have to check that nobody else in your inner circle has used the name, that it matches your surname and that your other half also approves of the moniker. Phew! Finding the right name can be tough, so Baby Hints & Tips has compiled a list of other baby name traps to avoid to make the process a lot simpler!

  1. Am I pronouncing that right?

There are a good deal of parents out there who read the top 100 baby names lists religiously, but not to choose a name from the ranks of the most popular names, but rather to avoid using one! And that’s totally fine, until it dawns on you that name trends are cyclical and what didn’t make the cut today, could very well be in the top 10 tomorrow. So how can you avoid this happening altogether? Some parents think a clever loophole would be to change the spelling of a well known name so that it’s even more unique for their cherub. This is also fine, if you don’t mind receiving cards and invitations with different variations of the name over the years. But what may be even more annoying for your child down the track is the mispronunciation of the name. Before you get totally creative and reinvent the wheel, try your name out on a test group of people to see if they can read it, pronounce it and if they have any general feedback. It might help you to narrow your search for the right name down to a select few.

  1. Sibling name rivalry

The idea is to pick names that compliment each other, but even though two names can sound completely lovely when said individually, try saying your children’s names together as a pair out loud and make sure they don’t sound like something completely different. The likelihood is you will use your children’s names together quite often, such as calling them both for dinner, or a bath. You don’t want the pair of names to remind you of food poisoning if their names are Sam and Ella (salmonella) or Vic and Tim (victim).

  1. It means what?

You’ve found a name, you love it, your partner loves it, it goes with the surname, but have you checked it’s meaning before falling head over heels in love? Some names translate to some pretty odd things. Avery means ‘ruler of the elves’ and would you believe Cameron is Scottish for ‘crooked nose’? If you’re not big on meanings behind names, then throw caution to the wind and go for it! But if you want a meaning that suits your new baby’s personality, then best to jump online and check.

  1. Awkward initials

When my older brother was about 9, he had the very bright idea of getting his initials shaved into the back of his head. This was a particularly cool trend for kids of the 90s, only problem was his initials were MT and the kids started joking that his head was ‘empty’. Luckily for him, his hair grew back quickly. But some initials have more permanent grounds for mockery. Think VD (venereal disease) or LSD could be awkward if you’re wanting to get a monogram of your bub’s initials.

  1. Too common

Personally I don’t mind if my child shares the same name as a few classmates, probably because I always did and it never phased me growing up. But it can get tedious when you hear your child’s name and your ears immediately prick up only to realise you’re listening to a conversation about another child of the same name. If overuse of a name is going to bother you, then do your homework and check all of the top 100 baby name lists you can get your hands on to eliminate any top 10 names that made the cut. And it helps to keep in mind that name trends are cyclical, so what is maybe further down the list this year could sky rocket straight back to the top in a year or two.

  1. Infamous names

The last thing any parent wants to do is pick a name with a negative stigma attached to it. When you’ve got your shortlist of names settled, it’s a wise move to do a little research online to see what happens when you type the full name in. This little move could save your offspring from sharing a name with a famous porn star or someone known for criminal activity. Worth spending five minutes to validate your choices.

  1. Rhyming names

We all know the famous episode of the Simpsons where Homer is totally oblivious of the one word that rhymes with Bart that could see him teased mercilessly at school, but even though he missed the point, it’s a good lesson to keep in mind when picking your cherub’s name. I know I got my fair share of ‘Amanda Hug n Kiss’ as a kid and my husband got the ‘Corey hotline’ joke a bit. It can be a tricky one to avoid, but ruling out the most obvious ones might save you on the school yard teasing.

The final word

It’s nearly impossible to avoid something coming up with a baby name. Without doubt if you share the name before your baby is born, everyone will share their opinion with you and probably tell you they knew a kid with the same name who was an absolute terror. Great!

So when you find that perfect name, that fits with your surname, your hubby agrees he likes it, your friends and family give you that nod of approval – grab it with both hands and lock it down.

Once your baby is sporting their brand new name and that application for the birth certificate is in the post, you’ll have more important things to worry about.

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Where there any names you loved but decided you couldn’t use?


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