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Baby Shower food suggestions for all the family

baby shower finger foodMy baby shower is coming up soon, need some more ideas for finger food. My Aunty is making cupcakes, my mum is making savouries, there’s a sausage sizzle for the kids (lots of my friends have older kids) so mum suggested I might make another sweet. Something easy.

Baby Shower Food Ideas

  • How about a slice? Or fruit skewers or something like that Sam
  • How bout a fruit platter? Michelle
  • My sister in law had everyone a plate of yummies! Her friends also had really strange games, like pin the dumbie on the baby, ice cubes with mini sized dolls (suck until the water breaks) Amanda
  • Quick Apple Slice great when not much time. Pat
  • Try making some sweet biscuits, or if the kids are young enough, fairy bread Takes 10 minutes to prepare batter n 15 mins to cook n they r yummy Regine
  • Do a slice, like mint slice or lemon slice Natasha
  • Coconut ice! Super easy and sooo yummy Bianca
  • Fairy bread sushi rolls! Sounds funny but instead of cutting bread into triangles, trim off crusts, cut bread length ways and roll them up!! I had them at mine and they were a hit! Sinead
  • You could have a chocolate fountain (I got one at Big W for $20) and have marshmallows, fruit and raspberries to dip. Or you could have a fruit platter or cake pops or banana bread… Now I’m hungry!! Monique
  • chocolate slice!! Mel
  • Fairy bread, fruit platter Tammie
  • I asked everyone to bring a plate to share Alana
  • rocky road, jelly cups, macaroons, caramel slice, fairy bread, choc crackles, Oreo truffle balls. Sherree
  • Fruit platter! Katrina
  • Fairy bread. Sherralae
  • Brownies! Make up a big tray, cut into squares – easy! Emma
  • Mars bar slice Georgina
  • Lemon slice, hazelnut slice (assuming no allergies), chocolate brownies, jelly slice etc. They’re all pretty tasty & easy to make. Brownies you can just grab a packet one & make it. Still very tasty! Apryl
  • Honey joys, marshmallows dipped in melted chocolate, brownies Melissa
  • I did trifle cups for mine. But you could just do jelly/custard cups. Easy and a nice sweet for the kiddies Kerry
  • Fairy bread? Jammilea
  • Scones, jam and cream. Easy to make yourself or just buy from woollies bakery which are actually really nice or your local bakery. Nice and easy and always a winner. Cassandra
  • Chocolate crackles Kerri

What are your best baby shower finger food ideas, comment below

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