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Bare + Boho Tote Bag – 2017 Nappy Bag Review

Bare + Boho Nappy Tote

About the Bare + Boho Nappy Tote Bag

(I received the Bare + Boho Nappy Tote for the purpose of this review. My opinions are my own).

Cost: $50.00 (AUD)

Style: Nappy Tote

Size: 40cm x 35cm x 14cm

NOTE: The maximum weight for the tote is 8kg.

Available colours: Tan

Material: Made from eco-friendly, light-weight , durable recycled paper. The interior is made from 100% natural cotton.

Zippers: One zipper for the main pocket

Pockets: Main pocket (zipper) and 6 internal pockets

Washability: Handwash only in cool-warm water, sun/air dry recommended (Not in the dryer). While it is completely washable, machine washing is not recommended in order to reduce wear of the straps and bag – handwashing will maintain longevity of the bag.

Other Features: Eco-Friendly, minimalist design.

Where you can get it from: The Bare + Boho Nappy Tote Bags can be purchased from the Bare + Boho Website HERE.

Website and Socials: Visit the Bare + Boho Website HERE, Facebook HERE and Instagram HERE.

Bare + Boho Nappy Tote 4

Review of the Bare + Boho Nappy Tote Bag


If you are a trendy, minimalist, eco-friendly kind of mum, the Bare + Boho Nappy Tote is the perfect bag for you. It is made from durable recycled paper, which gives it beautiful character with tiny distinct creases here and there on the exterior – by far one of my favourites in terms of aesthetics. Despite what you may think upon hearing that it is made from paper, it is of a high quality, and thicker than anticipated. This nappy bag is perfect for beach outings!

The Nappy Tote has a simple design, with one zipper to access the inside of the bag. The inside of the tote consists of a large functional space (no compartments) and 6 pockets lining the interior. These pockets make it easy to separate valuables such as your keys, phone and wallet, from the baby essentials of nappies and wipes. 

Bare + Boho Nappy Tote 1


I’m personally not a minimalist mum (the opposite in fact, I’m a bit of a hoarder at times!) so I found it hard to fit all the things I normally would into the bag. It was definitely a practice in culling what I pack on my day-to-day outings. Due to the large interior of the Nappy Tote, everything sits together besides the 6 separate pockets. I used these pockets for my keys, phone, wallet, baby sunscreen/hat, hand sanitiser and disposable nappy bags, while the main section of the nappy bag held nappies, hand wipes, portable change mat, my son’s lunchbox and water bottle. I normally also try to pack a spare set of clothes for my son, but this was a bit of a tighter fit. Again, it was a practice in minimalisation for me!

The Bare + Boho Nappy Tote is also washable, which is very handy for mums because our belongings usually get dirty from little hands (am I right?!). It is recommended that the bag be hand-washed to make sure that it lasts for as long as possible (machine washing might weaken the bag straps). While hand-washing might take a bit longer, the benefit of having an eco-friendly and durable bag outweighs this.

It’s large, rectangular size – while stunning – may present a challenge if you are looking for something more compact such as fitting underneath your pram (as it has simple straps that won’t sit on the pram). Fortunately for me, I recently got a new pram that can fit large items underneath, so I can fit the Tote Bag just fine. However it is something to keep in mind (check the provided measurements).

Bare + Boho Nappy Tote 2


Overall, the Bare + Boho Nappy Tote is great value for mums out there, particularly those who enjoy stylish, trendy accessories. It’s cost is far less than the overwhelming majority of “nappy bags”, making it a more affordable option for new mums. While it may not come with some of the accessories that ‘traditional’ nappy bags do (such as a change mat or bottle holder), again the much lower price offsets any additional cost these items may require. 

Ultimately the Bare +Boho Nappy Tote is of amazing quality and near perfect if you are the type of mum who doesn’t want (or need) to carry around a lot of items for yourself or baby. 

Bare + Boho Nappy Tote 3

Stand Out Features:

  • It has a stunning, minimalist design. Very fashionable and on trend.
  • The Nappy tote is eco-friendly and very durable.
  • It is large in size which means it can fit a fair amount of things inside (depending on your perspective – I like to pack a LOT of stuff. See Considerations).
  • It is very affordable. If you are looking for something simple and to the point, this is the nappy bag for you.


  • Depending on how much stuff you normally pack in a nappy bag, you may have to consider cutting down what you pack in the tote bag (and if what you need will fit).
  • It is hand-wash only, which might take more time but worth it to maintain its longevity.
  • It is a large, rectangular shape, which may be problematic depending on your uses for it. It won’t fit on your pram handles, so if you’re looking for something that will fit under your pram, you may need to check the measurements.

Bare + Boho Nappy Tote 5

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