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Best Formula For Constipation

best formula for constipationWanting other mums opinions on formulas that they have found don’t cause constipation?

Bellamys organic

  • We use bellamys organic, very thin, she’s exactly like she was when she was breastfed! Very regular, absolutely no constipation… Meagan
  • Bellamy’s Organic Infant Formula worked for my dd after trying Carly
  • Bellamies works wonders for my little boy Tricia

Karicare Aptamil Gold

  • We tried S26 Gold with our second and was horrible was so constipated so went back to Karicare Aptamil Gold ( used with first child also ) and no more constipation worked great for both my boys Jess
  • Check the iron content in the formula I was told high levels cause constipation. We swapped from S26 gold to Aptimal gold as it had lower levels. Lyndall

Karicare HA

  • Karicare HA, no constipation and very little wind issues Emily

Karicare plus

  • I used Karicare plus for my boys and they didnt get constipated at all and ill be using the same for my daughter when she is born Kaleena


  • My DD was on s26 gold and suffered from constipation and she used to spit up a lot. I changed her to Karicare and she has been perfect ever since. Infants friend can also help with bowel movements. Louise
  • Karicare original formula was the one for us…tried a few others first which weren’t good for our son. He was formula fed from birth and s26 gold which they gave in hospital was horrid for him…apparently it’s the extra iron Alex
  • I used karicare never had a problem with either of my kids Kirraleigh

Karicare Goat

  • Karicare Goat worked for us with our dd – all others would make her constipated, or not satisfied. Shona

Nan Comfort

  • Nan comfort – he usually goes every second day when before he would only go every five days or so and would be really uncomfortable and grizzly building up to it Jessica
  • Nan comfort Nicole
  • Were on Nan comfort after trying a few that caused it. Never had any issues with the comfort JC
  • I use Nan Comfort with no issue. Heather
  • Nan comfort. Super gentle on little tummies and has a probiotic in it. Can be a bit tricky to find though and is a little more expensive than the others but worth every cent. You might just need to trial a few first but I found this one to be the best by far. Good luck! Sam

Nan Pro Gold

nan pro gold 1 for under 6 months.. Our twins thrived on it.. Donna

Heinz Nurture Gold

  • We really like Heinz Nurture Gold + (digesti plus). We started on S26 Gold which made our lo constipated. We then went to A2 Platinum but that made her really windy. Heinz seems to be quite good and is a pleasant taste. It’s also a lot cheaper than all the other formulas and it has prebiotic & probiotic in it. Amanda
  • Heinz nurture. We tried s26 gold and I was told to stay away from gold versions as they contain more iron. No issues since changing Kate


  • S26 GOLD never affected my two children Melissa
  • S26 Gold. Never had an issue with it Leesa

S26 Comfort

  • Every baby is different & it may be trial & error! My baby didn’t do well on karicare aptimal but has been very good & regular on s26 comfort! Kirsty

S26 Original

  • I used S26 original and have had no probs. Mandy

A2 Platinum 

  • I started my little girl on s26 gold which gave her severe constipation….moved her to novalac constipation for relief (for temporary use only)….she is now on a2 platinum stage 1 Aneesa
  • My two week old son is on a2 platinum. Everyone warned me not to formula feed as it causes constipation but I found this formula amazing and as soon as he got over his tar type poo he went straight to pooing little nuggets, about 3 times in a 24 hr period. No constipation at all. Teeka


  • I have used karicare and sma, no problems with either of them, my son is 13 weeks and he poos once a day and always has, he has been formula fed since he was 2 weeks old Ave

Give them time before switching 

  • It takes about a month for them to get use to formula. Don’t add more water!!! Like others have said! Jasmine

Goats milk formula

  • Goats milk formula. Closest to breastmilk compared to other formulas. Deb

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