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Best Sex Positions to get Pregnant

If you’re wondering the best sex positions to get pregnant, guess who’s here to demonstrate? Yes we said demonstrate. And the answer is Barbie.

Whoever said Barbie isn’t an educational toy is about to be proven wrong. Very wrong.

In a very not safe for work way, here’s a round up of the best sex positions to increase your chances of pregnancy. As demonstrated by Barbie & Ken.

We warn you now, your childhood dreams are about to be shattered.

There’s a top 10 sex positions to get pregnant list including some old faithfuls like missionary….

Some favourites like the cowgirl…

And something that looks familiar but is named The Toad… (are we the only people who’ve never heard this phrase before?!)

And there’s many, many more.

Channel Mum has made the video and it does have great info if you’re in the baby-making-zone so whether you’re just strangely fascinated or actually TTC here ’tis…

So, if you’re trying to conceive – good luck! We wish you a fun and quick journey to conception. Either way, this can’t be unseen. Barbie is #allgrownup.


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