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Child Biting Breast2My lo is 9months and has started to bite me constantly. He has currently got an ear infection and is teething so he is VERY grumpy to say the least. he has been sleeping poorly at night so we are both exhausted! Its at the point now where I can’t hold him or bf without him biting me really hard (he will bite my arm, neck, shoulder etc anything he can get his mouth on). Was wondering if anyone could offer some tips on how to get through this difficult time as i am starting lose my patience especially when he is constantly hurting me. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated ladies!

  • When holding him can you wear a teething necklace so he has something else to chomp on. With my boy, a firm no, then a minute on the ground seems to have done the trick. Took about a week, but biting has stopped. Also, panadol or neurofen if he is teething and has an ear infection. Two painful things at once!! Rachel
  • you need to give him seething else to chew on teething rings rusks frozen wet washer if trying to feed if you can gauge when he is going to bite stick your little finger in the corner of his mouth to stop him take off and say no or make a loud grumpy sound they learn if you take them off or say no but you can to be consistent for it to work Anne
  • Maybe try one of those teething necklaces you can buy that you wear and bubs bites. When he bites you say ouch that hurts mummy why don’t you bite this and offer the necklace. That way you can still hold him etc and he has something to bite. Abigail
  • Get him a Sophie giraffe they are the best and panadol to help him:) Ashleigh
  • My almost 9 month old has started doing the same thing. He does it when something gets taken off of him or for attention. He’ll bite and then wait for a reaction. At first I would growl NO at him but he just laughed at me and as he’s only 9 months I don’t want to bite him back so I’ve been tapping his fingers and staying no. He’s not biting any where near as much as he was so I think he’s getting the point. Jessie
  • Go to gummigem Australia website and buy a teething necklace Kelly
  • check if he’s teething Jenny
  • Give teething medicine pre feed, something cold to chew on before a feed. Its painful and frustrating. He’s not intentionally hurting you so there’s no point biting him back, he’s just exploring his new teeth and mouth. Maybe also give him pieces of apple with the skin off to bite down on Kimmy

  • My lo use to do that too! I got boobie beads (mum & bub teething necklace from www.littlemdesigns.com.au) I wear it every time my lo feeds. With his free hand he fiddles with it. I think it’s called the distraction method. Well as a result my lo is more relaxed and doesn’t bite or pinch anymore during feeds. Melanie
  • I took my baby off the breast and put her down and walked out of the room for a minute then walked back in and continued feeding. She soon figured out she wouldn’t get fed if she bit me. If only took a couple of times Melinda
  • here is a helpful article by author Pinky Mckay…also invest in some boobie beads..pretty normal at this age to bite. Natalie
  • my 9mo did this recently (my third baby – my older kids all fed til 2yo and all tried biting)  Just persist, you’ll be happy you did. With my 9mo I made sure I paid attention during the whole feed – no TV or distractions – and you’ll notice when they’re about to bite. Pull him off and say no, and re-offer. If he tries again then put it away and try feeding again in 15 mins. My bub was devastated when I took it away. She also got upset when I said ‘ouch’ loudly. She’s a sensitive soul though.  My oldest actually laughed at my attempts to stop him biting. I still got through it though. Sarah
  • Pawpaw ointment, it’s not toxic to bub and heals it up really fast, I feel your pain, my little one drew blood the other day because is dad distracted him and he whipped his head around while still attached. It only the love u have for him that let’s me continue to bf him. Sally
  • I had the same problem! I used Silverette silver cups, they heal the cut in 24/48 hours. Good luck! Anna
  • My son bit me alot I tried taking him off saying no then continued his feed but it didn’t help. After 2 days of being bitten I gave in and got nipple shields from the baby shop.its molded plastic that sits over your nipple when feeding. They come in a few sizes and seemed to work. My son stopped biting im not sure if it was because ge didn’t like them or if it was because the plastic was harder than my nipple. Either way he stopped within a day. I continued to use them most feeds for a week or so but never had him bite again. Anne
  • My lo bit me last week. It was so painful, I realized she had actually caused an infection. So was on antibiotics. I didn’t let her feed on that side for 24hrs. Just expressed. Helped it heal quicker! Good luck Jade
  • My 14m ds bit my nipple last week so hard it drew blood! He has 6 teeth! Took 3 days to recover properly. Apparently breast milk helps heal it. Try offer the other boob first cause they suck harder at the beginning Emily
  • My girl started biting me, I was devastated! I looked into it a bit and found that I was not really paying attention to her and the attachment, I found that if I concentrated and was watching what I was doing and looking to see that her tongue was down I found we had no problems. But if she had her tongue up or out I knew she was about to bite so I just told her no. It worked for me. Ox Prue
  • Push her head into your boob. You can also say no in a deep abrupt voice. That will startle her. Brooke
  • I stopped breast feeding at 7 months as my boy bit through my nipple and I was way too scared to let him near me again., Nikki
  • when my son started biting I just took him off said to sternly no biting! And put him back on it didn’t take long for him to know not to do it! Annika
  • When baby bites don’t let baby pull back. Push your baby into your breast to let go while firmly saying no. Sandra
  • My boy bites wen he’s finished or wen his teeth r sore or wen he ain’t that hungry for a boob. 6 months old just got 2 bottom teeth it’s not fun at all. He made me bleed, very painful. It’s taking him a while to learn no biting Rachelle


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