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Boosting Sex Drive in Pregnancy

Boosting Sex Drive in PregnancyBit of an awkward question, but does anyone have any tips for boosting sex drive while pregnant? I’m pregnant with number 3 & my sex drive is at 10 below zero, lol. It’s really upsetting for my husband, resulting in being upsetting for me as well. He thinks I don’t find him attractive, but its not that at all, I just do NOT want sex, or even really to be touched at all, lol. We’re open and talk about it plenty, and it does happen every so often, but I don’t really enjoy it, i just want it to be over so I can sleep LOL (poor husband)… sorry for tmi

  • Introduce hubby to ‘Mrs Palmer’ LOL Jody
  • have them check your thyroid levels, you can lose your drive with that being too low and thyroid issues are very common in pregnancy. Sometimes it is just pregancy deficient, other tiems you may be on the med for the rest of your life. Worth checking into, it is jjust a blood test for thyroid level checks. Jeannette
  • I had the same problem and it stressed me out cause I felt bad for him… not sure if there is a whole lot you can do. Hubby just has to understand that its not because of him. It’s hormones, it’s uncomfortable, and if you can’t get into it, it won’t be that enjoyable anyway. Don’t feel pressured, although I understand what you’re going through, It won’t last forever, hopefully your hubby can understand its nothing personal, plus, there are other ways to satisfy certain needs I was so excited after I had bub cause I felt relatively normal again lol Rebecca
  • I feel the same and was completely the opposite with my first. I was hoping there would be some advice for me too Simone
  • Not entirely uncommon during pregnancy. I guess it’s not a bit problem if it goes back to normal within a few months after the birth. If it lasts a long time or is causing a major issue, maybe discuss counselling. I had low sex drive during and after pregnancy and during breastfeeding. Hubby was understanding for a while, but definitely found it frustrating as I wanted to keep breastfeeding longer time, which can affect your hormone levels. Marika
  • I have a 3 month old and it still hasn’t returned. Am hoping it will one day. I am the same, get it over with so I can go to sleep lol. But I figure as long as he is getting some it is better than none….. Ashley
  • I was the same way at about 3 months in. Then all of a sudden I was worse then a male. ..wanted it constantly and even more so now at 28 weeks because I have been told no intercourse at all due to having a cervix that measures only 6mm (0.6cm) I dont think anything will boost it but it may come back in time. Samantha
  • Women have to sacrifice things when pregnant and once given birth, surely men can do the same ? however, you can be intimate and affectionate without having sex. If you want to sleep, Sleep Mumma! Rebecca
  • Write it on a calendar. Wether it’s once a week/twice a week. Make it a date night kind of thing. Get him to do your favourite male porn like vacuuming floors, making dinner, cleaning toilets while you unwind in a long uninterrupted bath… Emma-Louise
  • If you work it out let me know! Lol I have no advice just wanted to sympathise with you!! Kelsi
  • I think your hubby needs to hang out with Mrs Palmer & let you rest. Good you are talking but I’m sorry I think he’s being selfish. My hubby is so loving & could’ve had sex religiously but totally understood I just wasn’t into it with pregnancy #3 but you can make up for it after bubs born. Good luck Deb
  • um he doesn’t get sex at all lol you are pregnant you call the shots if that means he fixes himself up, that’s what happens he is being immature it is not about him!!! Teressa
  • he conpletely understands and realises my body is doing some bizarre and very uncomfortable things and he respects that… No offence but ur hubby sounds like ‘it’s all about him’ when it should be all about you… Just do what your body is capable of.. Last time I had MS a lot through whole preg, this time, I have bad pelvic instability so every preg is diff and he needs to understand that he chose to have another baby so there are sacrifices and his sacrifice is a lot smaller than yours Stacey
  • Hormones can do that and each pregnancy is different, maybe make time to just be together and cuddle, he is an adult and should understand that it is not him, it is what is going on in your body right now. You didn’t mention how far along you are, sometimes the first trimester is lower labido and then it may wax and wane throughout the pregnancy. Keep communication open reassure your husband that you still love him, etc etc etc LOL Maybe try other ways to relieve him so you dont’ have to be as “involved” maybe that would show him you are willing to but your body isn’t ? Stress will make it worse, fatigue, emotions will all play a part too. Jeanette
  • I think your husband is selfish. You shouldn’t have to worry about his lack of sex. You have enough to think about! Sandra
  • do whatever makes you feel comfortable and what you feel is right. Your partner will just have to wait, who knows there may be an increase in libido and energy in the second trimester or 3rd . Pregnancy is the biggest roller coaster. There are also other ways to be intimate together not just sex, even cuddling can rekindle that intimacy spark or a lovely back or foot massage. Got to spoil us mummas . Elouise
  • I was the same I had no sex drive what so ever with my previous pregnancy and the only thing that I would do was give hand and if he really wanted sex well then id just do it even if I wasnt in the mood and when people are saying its selfish and hes thinking if him self hes not hes a man its natural to want to have sex with the wife but make a compromise I say Ellejay
  • Sleep if you need to! Ame

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