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Boosting sex drive while pregnant

boosting sex drive while pregnantBit of an awkward question, but does anyone have any tips for boosting sex drive while pregnant? I’m pregnant with number 3 & my sex drive is at 10 below zero, lol. It’s really upsetting for my husband, resulting in being upsetting for me as well. He thinks I don’t find him attractive, but its not that at all, I just do NOT want sex, or even really to be touched at all, lol. We’re open and talk about it plenty, and it does happen every so often, but I don’t really enjoy it, i just want it to be over so I can sleep LOL (poor husband)… sorry for tmi

  • I had zero sex drive with both pregnancies and I just told hubby to suck it up haha while I’m that uncomfortable I could care less about sex. He just spent more time in the shower lol Jasmin
  • Just do it love I’m like a rabbit I am when pregnant. Put some nice music on or watch some porn if that would help a little. Cuddle and kiss like you did when first dating.  I hope that helps Tui-Leigh
  • Ick. The last thing I wanted whilst pregnant or even after was sex. I was that uncomfy and in pain I did not care at all. My husband is a grown man and he can deal with it JESUS im sure at one stage of their life they went longer than 9 months without sex! Maria
  • My son is nearly 15 months and my sex drive is non existant. I don’t like to be touched or even the thought of having to think about having sex turns me off! Poor hubby! He’s lucky to have got any once every few months if that and even then I wish it to be over as quick as possible so I dont have to do it again for another few months. I am still attracted to my husband and we would like to try for a 2nd child but obviously it is not going to happen if we dont do anythign about it! Steph
  • I couldn’t have sex due to placenta previa. So my partner had to suck it up. Pru
  • I had an awesome sex drive with my first child.  With my second child, my sex drive was average and now with my 3rd child, I just couldn’t be bothered. It’s an effort just like cooking dinner and it gets boring with the same old positions it’s a very small window of opportunity for my partner. Christie
  • I was exactly the same and I even did counselling to look for ways to boost my sex drive. which was no help. It was just the pregnancy hormones and nothing helped till I wasn’t pregnant. Danae
  • Tell your husband that he has two hands and can go and sort himself out. He needs to respect that you are pregnant and it won’t last forever and eventually he will have sex with you again. Jamie

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