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Breastfeeding From One Breast

breastfeeding from one breastHas anyone breastfed from one side only? If so, how did you do this and did you produce enough milk?

  • I have a friend who does just think ladies with twins make enough for two, it’s demand and supply you should be fine. Google ‘find an IBCLC’ for a good lactation consultant or the ABA would be a great source of advice. Ange
  • After a while my son preferred one side so i didn’t bother with the other. No dramas and fed him till 18 months. Only issue is one gets a fair bit bigger than the other!! Lauren
  • My bub preferred the right side, would occasionally feed from left but then stopped altogether from left. He has been drinking solely from my right side for around 13months now. (18 months old). I’ve never had a problem with him not getting enough. I pumped my left for my comfort. Angie
  • Yep – I surely did! From about 6 weeks and stopped at 8 months Jos
  • I only breastfed from my left – DS stopped feeing in right side at 3 months old. With me, he didn’t get enough from just one side (I didn’t realise, he always seemed satisfied) but after months of an unsettled baby, and slow weight gain, I started him on formula. He is much better for it Shereen
  • yes I feed my daughter from the right side only. I had mastitis twice on my left side when she was 4 months. I’ve continued feeding her from my right one and she is 12 months next month Emmie
  • Yes, when baby was five weeks old, due to severe mastitis and breast abscesses that were filling with milk. I was advised to stop breastfeeding altogether, but stubborn person that I am, I refused. Had to top up with formula for around two weeks until supply on one side caught up, I just put baby on as much as possible to get the one side up to as much supply as both. Successfully bf for a further 10 months. I found LC totally unhelpful, she was convinced Id move to full time formula if I used top ups…happy to say I proved her wrong Joanna
  • I’m currently only feeding from the left and topping up with formula. Bub is having no problem with mixed feeding Linda
  • my friend only feeds from.one side and her supply keeps up just fine. Tracey
  • From 10-11 weeks my daughter completely refused my left side, so we only feed on the right. We already mix feed (3 bottles a day after a breastfeed) because nothing has helped my supply enough. My clinic nurse successfully breastfed her 3 children from one side only Jessica
  • I had to feed from one side only from quite early on. He got plenty, I fed him until 11months and only stopped because I am pregnant again and it became painful! Plus I never had to worry about which side he fed on last etc. Michelle
  • I have twins, so essentially I’ve fed one baby from one side only! Your body will (hopefully) produce what you need Liz

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