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Brisbane man diagnosed with highly infectious measles

A Brisbane man has a confirmed case of measles which is highly infectious.  This is the fourth confirmed case in Brisbane this year.

Travel on Brisbane trains on March 19 and 20

The man has been using the Brisbane rail system travelling on the 8.31am train from Enoggera station, in Brisbane’s northwest, to Roma Street station in the CBD on March 19 and the 1.30pm train from Roma Street to Enoggera on March 20.  Anyone who travelled on these trains should be alert for symptoms of measles.

measles case

Measles is highly infectious and is spread through the air eg when coughing or sneezing.  Symptoms takes about 10 days to develop.

Monitor for measles symptoms

Measles starts off like a bad cold and then the rash develops a few days later.

If you think you have measles, please call ahead to let the medical centre you are visiting know, they can then take appropriate measures to avoid spreading the disease further.

Learn all about measles here including symptoms, prevention and management.


Queenslanders should check if they are immunised against measles and see their doctor if not.  

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