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Camping bath

camping bathIm going camping soon n just wondering what everyone bathed their 4month old baby that cant sit up yet in?

Plastic tub

One of those round plastic bucket tubs with handles. Worked a treat. Cindy

A tub. But depending where your going and if your packing light, my hubby use to just come in the disabled shower with me and bub (usually they have the change table too) or wait outside the portable shower and dry and dress our little guy while i finished showering. Kristy-Lee

Baby bath that folds flat

You can get baby baths that fold down flat. They are great. Candace

We bought a baby bath that folds flat (it pushes out and then compacts again afterwards) from a baby shop. We have a hot water system in our camper so just bath him under the annex or inside camper if too cold (you could just boil the kettle etc if no hot water too). Still use it and my little guy is 1 1/2 years old now as it is so much easier than trying to dress him in the shower block lol. Kristy

I also have a baby bath that folds down flat which I bought from a baby shop. Baby Kingdom I think!! Cost about $70 but you can get them cheaper. Mair

Collapsible baby bath in kmart. Kate

Nappy bucket

A nappy bucket wink emoticon it works a treat! We had no bath for a period and my daughter loved it- it holds them up too, so you can have both hands to play and wash! Annelea

A normal bucket. Just hold them under the arms and chest and it works a treat. Brooke

Plastic Basin

I took my son at 5 1/2 months. He couldn’t sit up either. I just used a plastic basin type bucket. I held him with one hand and washed with the other. He love it. But if you wanted to have a full size baby bath I also have one one those collapsable baby baths that u get at baby shop or target had them also. They collapse like the collapsable Tupperware bowls. Great idea, I use it at home. Megan


If you are camping in a park there may be facilities which could include showers. You could always shower with your baby with help from another adult. Otherwise you could just pack a baby bath in, won’t take up too much space as you can pack things inside it. Rachel

Warm wet cloth

When off road camping in the deep scrub a warm wet cloth works fine, but as only little soaps aren’t needed water will do so a quick rinse in a bucket, or a shower with you will be fine happy camping. Rikki-Lee

Warm damp washer – or wipes – it’s camping, won’t hurt them to go without baths. Fiona

Storage Tub

Just one of those storage tubs. No need for anything fancy. Tubs are great cause u store stuff for camping in it then use it as a bath whist there. Kelly

We use a 65L storage tub as a bath for our toddler. We use it to transport pantry items on the drive between campground and home and whilst camping it’s a bath. This year our 3yo will be a tight squeeze (she’s so tall she needs size 5 dresses), once she outgrows the tub she will have to have showers like the rest of us. Nicole

A big tub that doubled as washing up bucket. Cassie


The bin we take the sheets & towels in! Works a treat! Or the big pot we have for boiling our water on the fire for bathing…Kirstene

Just use one of the buckets or even you can buy one of those small baby pools from Kmart or bigw they are cheap and will do great job plus you can use them for a baby to play in it put a blanket in with toys and let the baby play. Medina

We used the facility sinks and some places have baby bath sinks too which is handy. It just depends on the type of camping and the facility. Lucy

If you have showers then with you if not then top and tail for the days your away – if will not hurt bub to go without at that age. Kate

If you’re camping somewhere with facilities the laundry should have nice deep basins which are perfect for bathing. Justine

We used a kids inflatable boat. Baby can lay down in it like the bath at home. And when they’re older it makes a great enclosed pool for a splash and a cool down. Leah

The esky. Louise

We took our baby bath as we camped for 2 1/2 weeks. Sarah


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