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Choosing a car restraint

Baby in car seat(Disclaimer: Please follow ALL instructions by Car Seat Manufacture regarding its installation, use, and restrictions on rear/forward facing operation. Also be sure to check your State regulations. If you are not 100% confident that you can install the seat correctly, take it to an authorised fitter.)

Child car restraint legislation

A summary of the changes are:

Types of restraints

  • Children from birth up to the age of six months must be in a rearward facing restraint.
  • Children from six months up to the age of four years must be in either a rearward or forward facing restraint with an internal five point harness.
  • Children from four years up to the age of seven years must be restrained in either a forward facing restraint with an inbuilt harness or booster seat restrainted by a lap sash seat belt or child safety harness.

Seating positions

  • Children under four years are not allowed to sit in the front seat of a vehicle if the vehicle has at least two rows of seats.
  • Children aged between four and up to seven years are not permitted to sit in front seats of a vehicle, unless all rear seating positions are occupied by children less than seven years of age.Β 

What are your car seat/capsule suggestions?Β When did you go from rear-facing car seat to forward-facing?

  • Love my agile capsule n pram. Lightweight, easy fold. Best invention ever made. Tania
  • Could not more highly recommend hiring Qld Ambulance capsule for the first sixe months (sure the Ambulance service offers similar service in other states. Although we had bought our baby seat – Safe’n’Sound meredian (LOVE it) – the ease of pulling the capsule in and out of the car when she was asleep so much as a newborn was priceless. Hiring was only like $70 for 6 months. Katie
  • We gave safe’n sound meridian love it changed my son round at 7.5 months as he is a big boy. Eryn
  • Stay rear facing for as long as possible. Becky
  • I used the Steelcraft cruiser travel system then used the hipod milan πŸ™‚ love it. Crystal
  • All 4 of my kids aged 9 to 22 months have had Baby Love seats I’ve never had a problem with them. Kellie
  • Rear facing to forward facing should only happen when you hit the MAXIMUM of your seats recommendations, not the minimum. It could mean the difference of life and death for your child. Simone
  • CREP ratings show the best seats available in Australia. Amy
  • Get a car seat that rear facing til 12kgs and keep them that way for as long as possible. 500 times safer to have the rear facing (it can be done, I’ve just turned my 18 month old, yes his feet touched the seat but he’s knees also bend.) Katherine
  • Love my Safe’n’Sound AHR meridian. Jess
  • The new safe n sound compaq. Still rear facing at 12months πŸ™‚ Leah
  • Safe n sound meridian. Keep rear facing til the maximum weight / height limit of your seat as rear facing is the safest way to travel. Less impact on the neck. Our son rear faced til 20months when he reached the 12kg rear facing limit of the meridian seat. He is a tall skinny man! We chose the meridian due to safety, comfort, ease of use with adjusting height, and the fact it is taller than other seats and we knew our son would be tall. Fran
  • Hipod πŸ™‚ Hes only 4 months old so not thinking about turning his seat around anytime soon. Kat
  • Safe n sound seats now rear face until 15kg. Kristy
  • Safe n sound platinum our daughter kept trying to sit up in rear facing so we turned her at 8 kilos. Michelle
  • I love Hipod Senator with sound from target from 6 months to 7 years ( idont have to listen to the wiggles cause it has it’s own speaker). I bought this when they were out of the new born stage and used my original convertible seat ( safe and sound safekeeper) in our second car. Saves a bit of money in the long run and the CREP ratings were decent. I think rearward as long as possible, I was advised by the RTA at least until bubs has the strength to sit completely unaided. Emily
  • Always check the CREP rating before buying a car seat and buy the highest rated seat you can afford! Make sure you check both the rear AND forward facing ratings as they are usually different. Jules
  • Safe n Sound all the way!!! Rear facing as long as possible, absolute minimum 6 months. These parents who turn their child too soon really don’t understand the danger they are putting their child in if they have a car accident. The law says 6 months but recommendations are 12 months. I was told by a car seat retailer/installer the only reason law says 6 months is because some of the smaller car seats can’t take a baby rearward until 12 months. My opinion is the car seat manufacturers should have been made to alter seats not the law altering child safety. My third is 14 months old and is still rearward and will be for a while yet, she’s only just over 9kgs. She’s in the S&S Meridian AHR πŸ™‚ Vanessa
  • Safe and secure luxiride model. They are a high safety rating and bubs looks so comfy in them! Hotte
  • The World Health Organisation recommended kids be rear facing until 2. Overseas rear-facing up to 4 years old is the norm. Unfortunately Australian car seat manufacturers do not produce seats that can remain rear-facing till this age. Hopefully one day soon. Genna
  • We have the turn a tot and love it, we switched to FF at 7 months strictly due to height, my boy was 75 cm at 8 months and 89cm tall at 12 months, not sure what he is now at 22 months but his shoulders are even with the highest strap point and his head is above the back so think im going to have to get him a convertible 8 – 26kg booster with harness. Stacey
  • We had both bubs in S&S Meridians. Our dd rearward faced until about 16 months. We wanted our ds rearward facing for much longer for safety reasons, but he reached the weight limit by 11m so we had to turn him. He is much happier now as he used to crack it quite often facing the back. Safety comes first though! Mei
  • Safe n sound platinum. Miss Emily
  • I love my steelcraft agile car seat capsule. Clicks into the pram with ease. Skye
  • Babylove. We turned the seats at 6months for our girls & 9 months for our twins. Peta
  • Safe n sound meridian. To stay rear facing as long as possible! It is much safer for baby. Rebecca

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