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Carpal Tunnel in pregnancy

PainAnyone else have Carpal Tunnel while pregnant? What were your experiences? I’m 38 weeks pregnant and have about 2 to 4 hours sleep a night due to cramping in my hands. It’s sending me a little loopy from the lack of sleep.

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  • Bilateral Carpal Tunnel due to pregnancy here… I had them fixed a year after birth… I took out the record for the worst in my specialists medical career…still hold it. 11 1/2 years on I need to have them operated on again. I did everything again for my daughter by day 2 post op. Your only bandaged for 24 hours as its small incisions held together after with butterfly tape. The cuts are made in natural creases.However you can help relieve the tingles and pressure now… MASSAGE the fatty pad under your thumb on the palm of your hand towards the middle of the palm … also squeeze a squash ball … the other thing is to put your hands palm to palm…turn your palms 180 degrees to each other. .. slightly slip hands so base of your fingers are on opposing palms… press together. This actually STRETCHES the Carple tendon releasing slight the sheath that surrounds the tendon ..which is the tightening that causes the numbness and pain… its not going to FIX the issue.. but it will ease it for you until you can see a nerve specialist. Rosemary
  • You poor thing – I had it in both wrists really bad with my son 8 yrs ago! I could only sleep half sitting up and it was soo painful.. The occupational therapist at my hospital made me up plastic braces to wear to keep my wrists at a good angle and it helped but was still pretty painful. It disappeared for me pretty much as soon as i gave birth though. Alison
  • I suffered really badly during my pregnancy. I brought wrist splints from the chemist and they made a world of difference. My little girl is 8 days old and the pain pretty much went as soon as I had her! Laura
  • had it with my 4th drove me nuts… went away after the pregnancy… one thing i am thankful not to have though with my 5th Alison
  • Mine disappeared after the birth but I didn’t have it all that severe… I hope you get some much needed rest soon Elana
  • I had carpel tunnel from about half way until my baby was about 5 weeks old. Towards the end of my pregnancy it was really bad and used to wake me at night. I had to make sure my wrist was straight and not curl it up under my pillow or anything. It was the worst part of my pregnancy. Rhiannon
  • I had if after I delivered bub.. 6 months later it finally went.. Rachael
  • I had it for the last 10 weeks my doctor prescribed panadeine luckily once bub was born no more issues. I found sleeping upright helped (I used to sleep in the recliner) also elevation and rest Anna
  • I had this too! Really bad in the last few months. The doctor said it can disappear after birth and it did! Thank god! Louise
  • Really bad when pregnant my hand was constantly numb I couldn’t feel it. Didn’t go away after birth either, in fact now I have it in both hands not as bad as when pregnant though. More annoying than anything… Krystal
  • Yes!! I had it in both hands and ended up in tears from that alone. Was begging to go into labour to get rid of it. I had it from about 30 weeks and it got worse and worse to the point I struggled brushing my hair. The positive for me was about 2 days after bub was born it was gone! Cherie
  • I had it whilst pregnant and it came right after i gave birth. I just got some splints from the chemist to wear of a night which helped. Jodi
  • Iv had Tenosynovitis since 37 weeks bub is now 7 weeks and I still have it going to the physio every week (was twice a week in the early days) I find strapping the only thing that helps mine I’m booked in too see and ot to get casts made (hopefully that helps) Iv also been suggested steroid injections or surgery are other options to fix it. Zora
  • I developed carpal tunnel in one wrist in the last few weeks of my pregnancy. I wore wrist guard, day and night, which helped the cramping and tingling. It went away about 6 weeks after bub was born. Majella
  • I had the same problem and found drinking hydralite in the day helped and this sounds difficult but try and sleep with your arm above your head or as raised as possible Rebecca
  • I had carpel tunnel when pregnant with my first son from about half way of the prenancy. Lots of pain in my middle finger more particular my left hand and pain in my wrist. It disappeared as soon as he was born and I never experienced it since not even with my second pregnancy! Kelly
  • I got it at about 36 weeks and my son is now 11 weeks old and I still have it! lots of physio, acupuncture, electro therapy, hot packs and massage has helped it feel a lot better though. Apparently strapping it at night can help too Teleah
  • I had cortisone injection to relieve pain Kate
  • I have a mix of carpel tunnel and de quervains syndrome. Dr recommended wrist and thumb splints to keep wrists straight at night to help with the blood flow. It’s all due to extra fluid and swelling. Started around 26 weeks for me, currently 35. Said as my swelling and fluid reduces after birth so should most of my “issues”. Tracey
  • Yes. I had carpal tunnel. So much pain in my hands, cramping, swelling and was a real struggle for me at work until I went on ML. I was told by midwives at the hospital that magnesium can b good for it. I never got around to taking it as by the time I found out and then went to buy it my lo was born. But give that a try? If U can, don’t buy just the over the counter range. ask for the practitioners range which u may need a script for depending on the brand. Mina
  • Had it awfully in my first pregnancy, disappeared the minute my son was born! At 36 weeks of second pregnancy and haven’t had it at all. Hoping it lasts the next 4 weeks! Kristin

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