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What you need, what you don’t and why some baby products are actually bad for your little one. Buying baby products, especially for first time mums can be a nightmare – everyone is trying to sell you items you don’t need! We know because 230000 Aussie mums come together to support each other here at Baby Hints and Tips. First timer? There are so many baby products on the market, it’s impossible to know what you need, and what you need to avoid! Baby Hints and Tips is a community for Australian mums and mums to be. We aren’t here to sell you baby stuff you don’t need! We’re here to help you through those first wonderfully difficult years.

Baby product reviews and information will always put your baby first. We’re not here to sell. we’re here to help.

That’s what Baby Hints and Tips is all about!

Comprehensive Baby Product Reviews

At Baby Hints and Tips, baby ALWAYS comes first. Our comprehensive baby product reviews are all about finding the best possible items for you little one. We believe in road testing baby products fairly and with in depth, first hand knowledge. Our product reviewers are done by mums, with plenty of research and plenty of insight. Our goal – to review baby products that give you ALL the information you need to make the right choice.

Community Recommendations – 230000 Australian Mums Weigh In!

Our community is all about supporting each other through this wonderfully tough time! When our mums review and recommend baby products, you know you’re getting un-fettered, 100% honest, practical information. After all, who ever heard of a Facebook community that pulls punches! Get the good, the bad and the utterly disgusting facts about baby products, toddler stuff and useful things for families.

Fabulous Finds for Bubs

Baby stuff isn’t ALL about the practical, who doesn’t love a fabulously creative and wow factor baby product? We love finding the very best in cool baby products before they hit the market – we’re always first to know, so your bub can be first to wear, first to use and first to devour! If you can’t spoil a baby with wonderful things… who can you spoil, right?

Time Saver Tips

If there’s one thing ALL new mums have in common, it’s feeling tired. Lordy, the tired. Next level tired. We get it. That why we provide you with “just the facts” information on items for little people. When you’re running to the shops to pick up a nursery essential, hit up Baby Hints and Tips for quick facts and community reviews on the right stuff for your newborn, bub or pre-schooler.

Eco, Ethical and Natural Baby Products

Everything we do is about “what’s best for baby” so you’ll find plenty of baby products that are kind to your baby, kind to our planet and kind to you too. We specialise in finding the baby products that mums need to feel confident about parenting. We all know that feeling… when you thought you were doing the right thing for your baby but it just didn’t work out. Baby Hints and Tips is here to bring you natural, safer alternatives to mainstream baby products and toddler items.

Practical Products For The Family

Just because you’re a baby mama doesn’t mean you don’t deserve something nice! We source products that make the mum life easier. From transitioning out of babyhood to practical items for older kids, dads, mums and grandparents, we believe in helping mums to make the most of their precious time.

No Brainer Gifts for Babies, Siblings and The Whole Family

There’s nothing worse than being sleep deprived, with a teething baby on your hip and remembering you have to buy your mother in law a birthday gift (why oh why can’t husbands do this stuff!!!!) We make it easy to buy gifts online or locate the perfect gift without spending hours researching. Our annual gift guides make it simple to choose products that will tick all the boxes. It’s all about what’s best for you, so you can trust that we’ve checked and double checked all items for quality, practical use and of course, a little style!

Quality Baby Products, Not Bias

Our promise? We won’t feature baby products that don’t meet our strict community ethos. If it’s not best for baby and mum, it’s not on Baby Hints and Tips. We know that the internet is filled with advertising that makes it hard to choose the right items for your kids, so we will always provide you with the best possible information about every item for your baby and family. We do work with sponsors, but we don’t “drink the cool aide”. Our reviews are always honest, always balanced and always in the best interest of your baby. We want you to turn to us FIRST when you’re looking for baby products, toddler products or anything to make your life easier. We get it. We’re not here to sell you baby stuff you don’t need. This is 100% a community for new mothers in Australia. We’ve got your back sister!

Mikki and Me: More gorgeous gifts and adorable things than any mummy can seriously handle!

Mikki and Me baby boutique: Gorgeous gifts and adorable things every mummy will love

Quilt cover sets for kids, and the whole family!

Quilt Cover Sets for mum and dad and sets for the nursery – it is all covered right here

freebies for new mums

5 Freebies for New Mums

Check out these fabulous freebies for new mums and start getting set up for your baby.

{REVIEW} Urban Mumma Maternity clothes

Product Review: Kristin reviews Urban Mumma clothing with her pregnancy bump

large nappy bag reviews

Large Nappy Bag Reviews

Q&A: I have a newborn and a 16 month old babies and with everything I pack when I go out I find that my normal nappy bag isn’t quite big enough in always carrying an extra little bag, so I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good large size nappy bag.


Sinchies reusable pouches are simple and reduce waste

If you are looking for a fantastic product that makes food storage from 0 – 100 years super simple, you’re going to love Sinchies. I have been trialling Sinchies pouches …

Reviews on Bumbo

Q&A: can I ask for some reviews on the bumbo please?

Thermometer reviews

Q&A: What have you found to be a good thermometer for your little ones?

Best Maternity Clothes in Australia

Q&A: What is your favourite maternity wear shop?

First birthday outfits shopping

Q&A: What is your favourite place to shop for first birthday outfits for your little ones?

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Tiny World Sun Safety Product Review

Baby Hints and Tips member Hannah had the pleasure of reviewing 2 fabulous items from the Tiny World collection, see her reviews below: Bandana Bib from Bibska “I love the fact …

Post Pregnancy Belly Bands

Q&A: I was wanting information on belly bands/shapers to help hey stomach muscles etc back into shape after giving birth. Wondering what brands other people used, how they work, pros and cons, how much they cost, and if they worked well for you.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas… ones that aren’t cr*ppy!

This definitive guide to baby shower gift ideas will help you buy something that a mother to be will actually use and that won’t clash with her taste.

Review: Breastfeeding Mum Gift Pack

This review of the breastfeeding mum gift pack is the perfect gift for any new mum or mum to be who is or is going to try to breastfeed. Or …

Baby sleep clock – toddler product review

I am wanting reviews on toddler sleep training clocks (Gro clock etc) and if you think they helped! My 2.5year old daughter has been waking up in the middle of …

B-Gogo Newborn Lifestyle horizontal with heart_lila rounded

Puckababy Wrap – Baby Product Review

Europe’s leading sleepwear brand Puckababy offers a range of luxurious and practical baby wraps, swaddles and sleeping bags. Puckababy’s innovative designs have won several awards and have helped babies all over the world sleep better by making them feel secure and protected.

Baby Inkless Print Kit

Mandy reviews the Baby Inkless Print Kit.

Goolie goolie dummies – baby product review

Review: The goolie goolie™ product range includes three iconic Australian animals, a Wombat named Bluey, a Kangaroo called Rusty and Banjo the Koala. Each animal has the Australian flag embroidered underfoot. Characters are approximately 12cm long and 38g in weight.


Shoezooz Shoe Labels – Toddler Product Review

Shooeze make knowing which shoe goes where easy!

Suppori baby sling review

SUPPORi Baby Sling Review

The SUPPORi Baby Sling is a fixed sling design (i.e. non-adjustable) made of a lightweight sturdy open weave (think Grandma’s old shopping bags). Stylish enough to be worn as a …

Shupeas Shoes – Toddler and Baby Product Review

Shupeas adjustable baby shoes come beautifully boxed and are adorable. Made of soft suede with gorgeous designs, they are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. One size expandable and adjustable patented design …

ChamonixRain Organics Body Wash Review

Mel from the BHT Product Review Group reviews the Chamonix Rain Organics coconut body wash & coconut body butter.

Are You Crazy?! You are thinking about using modern cloth nappies?

When most parents think of cloth nappies they imagine huge, old-school, terry towelling nappies soggily drooping from a baby’s behind. Thank goodness those days are over!

Dettol Cleaning Products – Review

Due to my laziness very busy mummy schedule, I’m always keen to find new products that make cleaning faster and easier (I’m still waiting to find a magic cleaning wand). So I was very interested to see how Dettol’s  Floor Cleaning System and Power & Pure range fared with the mess left by my three littlies (and me *ahem*).

Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Q&A: What was the best/ most useful presents you received for your baby shower? I’m a ftm and people keep asking me what I want- I haven’t got a clue!

Child Restraint / Harness – Yes or No?

Q&A: If you used a restraint / harness for your child, tell us what you used and why? Did it help? If you are against using restraints / harnesses tell us why? Bear in mind your response needs to have a genuine reason, not a judgment.

must have baby items

Top 10 must haves for you and baby

There are so many products out there in baby shops and on line that it is not surprising many new parents are confused and unsure what to buy for their baby and what not to bother with. Here are 10 things that will make life with a newborn so much easier.

Double Pram Suggestions

Q&A: I’m pregnant with my second child and I’m wondering of a good toddler/ baby pram. My little girl will be 1 yr and 4 months when the second is born. So something that will be good for both of them. Price doesn’t matter just looking for the best out there – not really to keen on the prams though where they sit side by side… I’d prefer the one under the other thanks everyone!

Modern cloth nappy review

Cloth Nappies – Which ones?

Q&A: I am thinking of swapping from disposable nappies to cloth nappies. Can I please get some advice on them ie do they work as good as disposables, which brands are best, which liners are best, how to clean them & expense.