Breastfeeding advice

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Breast Feeding Help For New Mums!

They tell you it’s the most natural thing in the world… and yet, so many mums have questions about breastfeeding their baby.  Not enough milk? Too much milk? Attachment, cluster feeding, expressing, mastitis weaning… breastfeeding can be a delight… and a challenge!

Baby Hints and Tips Approach To Breastfeeding Advice

We bring you expert advice and community tips from mums who’ve been there before.  We don’t judge and we totally understand what you’re going through.  Baby Hints and Tips is written by a team of experts and mums – led by a qualified, practising pharmacist.  We believe that the best advice for new mums is helpful and practical – not judgemental or sanctimonious.  We’re here to help.

Helpful tips for a first time breastfeeder

Community Tips: Parents share their best tips for a first time breastfeeding mum. Breastfeeding your new baby can be a daunting experience, here are tips from mums who have been there and the issues they have overcome while breastfeeding

When did your period return after completely stopping breastfeeding

Q&A: For those of you who didn’t get your period back until you completely stopped breastfeeding, how long after you stopped did your period return?

How can I stop baby getting distracted whilst breastfeeding

Q&A: My 7month old is getting distracted whilst breastfeeding during the day. What have others done to stop their baby getting distracted while feeding?

straight from breast to sippy cup

Moving straight from BF to a sippy cup

Q&A: Has anyone’s baby gone from breastfeeding straight to a sippy cup?

Preventing Thrush In Babies

Q&A: Does anyone have any tips for getting rid of it and stopping it from coming back?

Milk Tongue

Q&A: I have a 7 week old who is formula fed, and his tongue is always covered in white stuff from the formula. Any ideas on how to clean it off?

Breastfeeding discreetly for the larger busted Mum

How on earth do you discreetly bf in public when one boob is 3 times the size of baby’s head? Any tips appreciated, best clothing brands, wrap choices? I don’t …

Stopping breastfeeding with medication

Q&A: Has anyone chosen not to breast feed and taken the tablet to stop your milk from coming in?

Breastfeeding Outfits

Q&A: What is your favourite place to shop for breast feeding outfits?

Help to stop bub using Mum as a dummy

Q&A: How do other mums settle their bubs who wont take a dummy? My first child took the dummy. My 6wk old wont take it and she is using me as a dummy

Night weaning

Q&A: How old was your baby when you weaned them off night feeds. What way worked best for you to settle rather than feeding? Also, how long did it take?

Dropping the dream feed

Q&A: I was just wondering when other mums/bubs dropped the dream feed?(what age?) How did you go about it? Did bubs make up for that milk feed during the day instead?

lactation cookies

Lactation Cookies Recipe

Lactation Cookies are a specially designed biscuit to boost milk supply in breastfeeding Mums. Stop worrying about low supply and boost your breast milk with these yummy treats! Tips on …

Breastfeeding after Breast Reduction

Q&A: How do mums go breast feeding after previously having breast reduction surgery?

tongue tie breastfeeding and speech issues

Tongue Tie Surgery

Learn all about tongue tie, the impact on breastfeeding, speech and the options for surgery. Parents share their experience with tongue tie surgery and how their child coped.

breastfeeding, re-establish

Relactation – restarting breastfeeding

Q&A: Mums share their breastfeeding experience with relactation with the aim to restart feeding their baby breast milk

Breastfeeding, Pregnancy, close siblings

Falling pregnant while breastfeeding

Q&A: Mums share their experiences with falling pregnant while breastfeeding

Breastfeeding with a Nipple Shield

Wanting to hear from other mums who breastfeed using a nipple shield.

Moving from Breastfeeding to Formula

Parenting Tips: Parents share their experience on switching from breastmilk to formula and the challenges involved

Coping with being unable to Breastfeed

Just wondering how other mums handled feeling like a failure for not being able to breast feed? It was really important to me but due to poor supply I have …

expressed milk

When to express breast milk

Our Baby Hints and Tips community share when is the best time of day to express breast milk My midwife said 3am is the best time. Even if ive just …

When to stop breastfeeding

When to stop breastfeeding. Mums share how they knew when it was time to stop breastfeeding and what influenced their decision to wean


Smoking and Breastfeeding

Q&A: I’m a first time mum and I’m currently 38 Weeks, I still haven’t decided if I’m going to breast feed due to me being a smoker. Does anyone out there smoke & bf?

Tattoo’s and Breastfeeding

What r people’s experiences with tattoo’s and breastfeeding? I’m wanting to get a couple small tattoo’s and am curious to know if ur buns behavior was different or unsettled? I …


Choosing not to breastfeed from birth

Q&A: Due to certain issues that I have, I am choosing not to breastfeed when my baby is born

Coping with Mastitis

Q&A: I have mastitis and have been on antibiotics for a day and a half now. Can anyone give me advice on how to get rid of it quickly. How long does mastitis last for?

mini pill and breastfeeding

Mini-Pill and Breastfeeding

Q&A: Just looking for other mums experiences with taking the mini pill n EBFing

Breastfeeding concerns for Dad

Q&A: I am planning on breastfeeding, and have a semi supportive partner. I think he’s accepting of the fact that it’s going to save money and it’s natural, but he’s very thingy about anyone seeing my boobs but him. Is there anyway to make him less protective??


Exhausted with exclusive expressing

Q&A: So my question is have you stopped expressing and been happy with your decision or have you looked back and wished you had kept going?

What guarantees breastfeeding success?

About 95% of mothers want to breastfeed their babies however, by the time their baby is 3 months of age many are mix feeding or have stopped breastfeeding ….so how can women be more informed, more prepared to give themselves the best chance at success?