guide to starting solds

Complete guide to starting solids

Dr Homewood shares a guide to starting solids with your 6 month old including food to start with, what to avoid and how to reduce the risk of allergies.

Breakfast ideas for baby

I am looking for breakfast ideas for my 7 month old Weetbix. Banana with greek yoghurt. Toast. Scrambled eggs. Stacey Bellamy’s organic apple and cinnamon porridge (with milk and fruit …

Baby food recipes

A round up of some great baby food recipes.  If you are unsure of where to get started and when it is safe to start certain food groups, read the …

baby won't eat lumpy food

Baby won’t eat lumpy food

Baby won’t eat lumpy food – parents share their tips for when baby gags in lumpy food and finger food

5 Cool Summer Treats for Baby and Beyond

5 Cool Summer Treats For Baby And Beyond – frozen banana icecream, watermelon iceblocks, green smoothies and more. Great healthy recipes to keep baby cool.

Fussing in the high chair

Fussy baby in high chair

Q&A: My 6 month old fusses in the high chair sometimes and would much rather be fed solids in my lap. Any tips? Should I keep persisting with the high chair?

toddler not eating

Toddler not eating

Q&A: We’re having real trouble feeding our 20 month old. He just says ‘down’ or gives the ‘finished’ signal almost immediately after he’s started to eat. It’s really stressing me out because he’s already so little for his age.

3 Baby Puree Recipes Using My Lil Pouch

3 Baby Puree Recipes Using My Lil Pouch by our friends at Kidingredients. Use pouches to make your own purees & know exactly what you are feeding your baby

Best Books For Starting Solids

Q&A: I’m looking for books, Ebooks or apps for starting solids, and also different “recipes” to try, the things to try first, how to prepare things etc

Baby Refusing Solids

Parents Tips: Parents share their best tips for a solids strike with baby refusing solids

First Foods

I was just wondering what other baby cereal other mummies feed their 6 month old apart from Farex/rice cereal? My 6 month old DD has just turned completely off rice cereal …

Feeding Babies Soy

Q&A: I was wondering if anyone has had to do the same and if so ideas on food or brands ect I can give him


Ultimate advice for starting solids

Q&A: What is your ultimate piece of advice for our mums about to start solids?


Which Sippy Cup?

Q&A: What’s the best sippy cup for a 18 month who still has a bottle in the morning and before bed? Want to transition but want a free flowing sippy cup

start sippy cup

When to start Baby on water

Q&A: When can you give your baby boiled water by itself and how much of it can you give at once?

Baby finger food – snacks for younger babies

Q&A: I just wondered what (if any) finger foods i can give my 6 month old who hasnt got teeth yet?

overseas holidays and baby food

Overseas holidays and baby food

Q&A: We are going to Phuket in a few days – baby boy is 9 month exclusively bottle fed. I’m just trying to figure out what do you do for feeding, bathing and feeding solids? Do you buy bottle water and then boil it to feed baby? Boiled water to give a bath? Did u take bottled food? So confused. Any suggestions will help heaps!!


When to introduce Eggs and Nuts

Q&A: Just wondering when to introduce eggs & peanut butter to my daughter.
She is 5 months old & is having solids 3 x a day. And when I do introduce them what’s the best way to go about doing it? I think il be a nervous wreck waiting for an allergic reaction. She’s never had a reaction to any foods iv given her so far. Love to hear everyone’s suggestions? Thanks

When did you start offering solids before milk?

Q&A: When did you start offering solids before milk?

Puree Suggestions

Q&A What suggestions do you have for a Puree Recipe swap ?

Introducing cows milk

Q&A: What age did your LO go from BF/FF to cows milk? How did you do it? Part transition? Bottle or sippy cup? Any issues?

Encouraging fussy eaters

Q&A: My son (nearly 7 months) started solids early so hes been eating pretty well, all home cooked foods etc, but he was pretty sick for a couple of weeks and now he will only eat tinned food, i hate that stuff and would love it he would eat the food i cook for him but everytime i try he just shakes his head and goes crazy. Ive tried mixing it but he seems to know.

Chow Time

Baby-led weaning

Q&A: What age did you start baby-led weaning? What food did you start with? Why did you do baby led weaning? Are there any foods you avoided?

Starting Solids

Parents share how and when they started introducing solids to their baby.

Puree Parties

My mother’s group and I came up with a great way to give our babies variety in their first foods – Puree Parties.  They also give us a great excuse to socialise and connect with other, likeminded adults!