Kids’ Health

Experience with Chiropractors

Q&A: Have you used a chiropractor? If so, what did you use it for? Did it work? and would you recommend it? Was it a continuous treatment or a one off?

foot growth and choosing children's shoes

Your child’s feet: the first six years

Foot growth and choosing children’s shoes: Kids feet in the first 6 years – problems to look out for and what features to look for when choosing kids shoes

Headlice Prevention

Headlice seem to go hand in hand with daycare or school. Prevention is always better than a cure, so unless you want to shave your child’s head, check out the tips here.

Allergy Awareness in Children

Allergies affect 1 in 3 Australians at some stage in their lives. Stephanie shares her family’s experience with allergies.

Whooping Cough and unvaccinated family members

Parenting tips: Parents share how they convinced family members to get their whooping cough vaccine

What age did you start brushing your children’s teeth?

Q&A: What age did you start brushing your children’s teeth and what age did you start using toothpaste? Do you encourage your children to rinse and spit out their toothpaste?
Please include any websites or references you used to help make your decision.

asthma in children

Asthma in Children

What is asthma? What are the symptoms? How is it diagnosed? How is it treated?

Coughs and Colds in Kids

Coughs and Colds in Kids

Children will have an average of six to twelve colds in a 12 month period. Our Pharmacist Tanya explains what to look out for, when to head to the doctor, and why you shouldn’t bother buying cough medicine.

Contact with Unimmunised Children

Q&A:  found out that a close family members children are not immunized. They have been overseas and have all been seriously ill since returning home from their trip. I have two little ones and my youngest is not old enough to have had all his immunizations yet. We have seen them since they’ve been home and the children have played together. I am really quite upset and angry that we weren’t told about this and I am not comfortable seeing them until my youngest has had all of his immunizations. I’m not sure how to go about talking with them about it, really not keen on starting a family feud but I really feel like I should say something. Any suggestions would be fantastic

fever in kids

Fever in Kids

When your baby, toddler or child has a fever it can be a very worrying time. How and when should it be treated, and is there anything you can do to decrease the likelihood of febrile convulsions? Unfortunately, a lot of the advice shared by parents can be based on incorrect information. We have included links to medical, evidence-based information.


Q&A: ECZEMA! Can any parents out there who have children with Eczema please share with me what you use and your routine. I have a 7mth old with bad eczema all over body (minus the nappy area) its red and itchy and I feel so helpless. I’m using Aveeno suggested by Paed Dermo 3-4 times a day plus Evening Primrose at night and first thing in AM 2nd to 3rd day baths and steroid when its cracked but one day its fine the next its furious! Also did anyone else’s baby grow out of it and what sets it off?

encouraging teeth brushing

Encouraging teeth brushing

Q&A: What are your tips, tricks & advice for getting those toothy pegs brushed every day – If your kids are anything like mine, it can be quite the argument getting them brushed.



Q&A: Parents share about their decision whether to circumcise or not, and what influenced that decision.

Vaccinations – for or against?

Vaccinations are a very contentious topic in any baby forum, mothers group or even amongst family members. We asked our mums whether they chose to vaccinate, delay vaccinate or not vaccinate at all and these were their responses.

How to Host an Allergy Friendly Birthday Party

Katrina Roe explains how you can have a successful party which not only accommodates, but includes children with allergies.

Sunscreen: Our Mums Tips for Kids

Choosing a sunscreen is a daunting task. There are some great tips here from other parents. Also includes links to some useful articles from the cancer council

Teeth brushing in kids

Brushing your teeth is important to remove bacteria and plaque to prevent both tooth decay and gum disease.   Tooth brushing from an early age is an important part of developing …

When to start toothpaste with kids - Baby Hints and Tips


Our community share their experience about when they started using toothpaste on their kids teeth and which toothpaste they chose.

Q&A with Dr Howard Chilton

Paediatrician Tips: Q&A with Dr Howard Chilton

Recently, we invited members of our Facebook page to submit questions for Dr Chilton to answer during a timed Q&A sessions. Questions ranged from sleeping issues to cysts on gums. Read on to see Dr Chilton’s response to each of the questions.