Mother Warns of Hand Sanitiser Danger


Kirri shares her experience about hand sanitiser dangers after her daughter consumed some and was taken by ambulance to hospital with her jaw clenched…

baby first aid

Assisting a Choking Baby & Baby CPR


Expert Tips: Learn how to assist a choking baby and about baby CPR for if your baby stops breathing.


Stranger Danger


How do you keep your toddler safe if they become separated from you? Here are some tips from a mum who is also a Police Officer.

Top Tips for Summer Safety


As a paediatric emergency nurse and mother of two, I know each season brings its own set of issues. In summer, it’s the outdoor stuff — from grazed knees and sunburn to drowning tragedies. Being aware of the most common sticky situations kids get themselves into and staying calm and knowing what to do if things go wrong is the key to surviving summer.

3 Simple Rituals to Help Your Child Conquer Fear and Love the Water


Do you have a toddler who hates the water? Here are my three top tips to encourage them to conquer their fear and learn to love the water.

9 Summer and home safety tips


With summer in full swing, most families are run off their feet at this time of year, entertaining guests and spending time outdoors. But don’t forget to look at things through a child’s eyes!  Homesafe Kids has some tips to ensure it’s a happy season for all.


Baby proofing your house


Q&A: My almost 7mo is really starting to get about independently and I need to baby proof the house but have no idea where to start! Any safety hints would be much appreciated 🙂