Trying to conceive

Trying to conceive isn’t always as simple as we expect it will be.  If you are looking for tips to get started then we are here to help.  Advice on optimising your health, IVF, influencing the sex of your baby and pregnancy after a still birth.

Trying to conceive

Optimal health when trying to conceive


Influencing the sex of your baby

Gender disappointment

Pregnancy after a stillbirth

difficulty conceiving second pregnancy

Difficulty conceiving second pregnancy

Q&A: Just wondering if anyone else has had more trouble conceiving with their second?


Donating Eggs for IVF

Q&A: If you were in my position and asked to donate would you knowing that you would know and see the child and considering the child will be with another man that is not your husband and how it may affect everyone involved.

ovulation tracker

Ovulation Tracking And How It Helps You to Conceive

Q&A: I would just like any reccomendations on accurate ovulation/fertile days apps or online calculators etc.

What foods to avoid in pregnancy

Part 4 in our series on Achieving Optimal Nutrition and Health in Pre-Conception and Pregnancy

nutrient recommendation in preconception and pregnancy

Specific nutrient recommendations in preconception and pregnancy

This article is part 3 in our series on Achieving Optimal Nutrition and Health in Pre-Conception and Pregnancy

Optimal health in pregnancy

Optimal Health in Pre-conception and Pregnancy

Part 1 in our series on Achieving Optimal Nutrition and Health in Pre-Conception and Pregnancy

General Nutritional requirements and guidelines in pre-conception and pregnancy

Part 2 in our series on Achieving Optimal Nutrition and Health in Pre-Conception and Pregnancy

diastasis recti exercises

Diastasis recti exercises (what you need to know before falling pregnant again)

Are you planning to have another baby this year? Have you got your Pre Pregnancy shape back from your last pregnancy? If you still have your post baby tummy then your stomach muscles may have not healed from your previous pregnancy. This means you could possibly have a diastasis. And you need to act now.

how early can you take a pregnancy test

How early was your positive pregnancy test?

Q&A: How soon before missed period have you found out if you’re pregnant? My fiancé and I had sex on Christmas night, and I’m due for my period early Jan, we aren’t trying to get pregnant, just doing my head waiting. The six days before missed period will be Monday… But wondering if tonight/tomorrow is too soon? Thanks!

Can a negative home pregnancy test be wrong

Can a negative home pregnancy test be wrong?

Have you ever tested negative on a home pregnancy test and was actually pregnant? How many weeks were you when u actually found out and how did u find out in the end?

Age gaps Between Your Children

Q&A: What age gap do you have between your kids? What are the pros and cons of that gap from your experience? See responses from other parents.

Planning the sex of your baby

Q&A: I’m planning on starting to try for a baby again soon (I’ve got a 1 year old DS) and would like to hear your stories if you used the Maybe Baby or ovulation test sticks etc to “choose” the sex of your baby! I would like to up my chances of getting a girl. See responses from other parents.

positive pregnancy test

Is a faint positive pregnancy test still positive?

Q&A: Hello, for all of you who got a ‘faint line’ on a hpt, how faint was ‘faint’ and did your faint positive pregnancy test stay positive?

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

A brief explanation of of what PCOS is, and women who suffer from it share how they tried to conceive.