best sippy cup in 2016

Best sippy cup in 2016

I’m after advice on how to wean my 10.5 month old from having his formula in a bottle to having it in a cup/sippy. I have tried him on a …

importance of touch

Opinion: The importance of touch – have we forgotten to touch our kids?

Mother and sleep consultant Chantal Cohen shares how a book made her stop and realise the important of touch in her family. Do you touch your children enough

Birth Stories: What to do when it doesn't go to plan

Birth stories: what to do when it doesn’t go to plan

An intimate birth story about when things don’t go to plan and what to do if you find yourself in a similar situation.

Baby Not Sleeping: A tiresome sleep journey…

Baby Not Sleeping – one mum shares her journey of a baby who woke regularly from 4 months. Know that you are not alone and that babies are not all the same.

7 ways to get a ‘break’ from cooking! Yes please!

7 Ways To Get a Break From Cooking – some days thinking of a nutritious meal for the family is the last thing you need. Here are some ideas to have a night off

Discover the products from the Mater Mothers Hospitals!

Mater Mothers’ Hospitals are a Queensland institution, well recognised for their care of women and the many thousands of births they are part of every year. Their commitment to outstanding …

Do’s & Don’ts of an Online Mothers Group

Tips for making the most out of your online mothers group


Opinion: I Officially Need to Apologise to My Friends With Sons

Opinion: Mums of boys – Samantha discusses her experience about how boys really are different to girls much to her surprise.

making mummy friends

How not to make friends with other mothers

Making mummy friends – How to make friends with other mothers. 5 tips to help you make a new circle of friends with your children’s parents

10 ways to cut your grocery bill…

Budgeting Tips: 10 ways you can cut your grocery bill. Save money and have more to spend on your family.

Judgement Free Zone, please shut the gate!

NO more mummy judgement. Lynn, found a sign at her local park stating ‘no technology beyond this point’. Read her reaction towards the judgmental sign.

Opinion: My Paleo Family

Opinion: My Paleo Family is a glimpse into the life of a family who have converted to a paleo diet. What they eat day to day, what snacks they have and more

eating out with kids

Eating Out With Kids (without the nightmares!)

As someone who absolutely loves trying new food, I was determined that, when my baby came along, I would continue to enjoy eating good food at cafes. While it has …

make your own yoghurt

One grocery change saves $840 a year?

Save at the shops: One grocery change saves $840 a year. Learn how Victoria managed to save this much, come tell us what you would do with the extra money

parenting hacks

Six Been-Around-the-Block Parenting Hacks

I have three kids. They are now one, three and five years old. And while juggling multiple kids is tiring (and rewarding and amazing and I wouldn’t change it for …

sex for new dads - sex after baby

Sex For New Dads… Or The Lack Of It!

Sex for New Dads (or lack of it). Chris shares the reasons why your sex life after baby has fizzled and some great tips to get it back on track.

working mum blog

Mummy has a career…. deal with it haters!

There is simply no end to the reasons people criticise mothers… You don’t breastfeed? You selfish, shallow beast. You don’t buy organic meat? You’re poisoning your children with nitrates. You …

carnival themed party

Carnival Themed Party

Party Ideas: For our daughter’s 7th birthday we had a carnival themed party with carnival decorations, a cute carnival outfit as well as carnival games.

cyber safety for kids

5 Tips for Starting Your Children Online Safely

Expert Tips: Keep your kids safe online with these 5 tips for cyber safety for kids.

Grandparenting: Blessings, Challenges & Making It Work!

Blog and tips: Grand parent of 4, Deirdree, shares about her grandparenting journey and how she makes it work.

Amazing Birth Photography by Meaghan Milne

Birth Phototgraphy: Meaghan Milne shares images from her amazing birth photography that will make you feel like you are at the birth

circumcision in melbourne

Circumcision in Melbourne

Parenting Review – Parents share their experiences and recommendations on circumcision in Melbourne and greater Victoria

strong willed child

Parenting the strong willed child

Parenting Tips: A mother of a strong willed child shares her tips on parenting the determined child. Includes 5 tried and true tips that will help you.

April Fools Day & Mummy Loss

We are asking everyone to respect and support parents who have lost babies and say NO to April Fools Day pregnancy jokes

kids favourite books

Best Books for Kids Three to Five Years

If you’ve ever felt its time to graduate to some more grown-up books but been overwhelmed by the choices or you just can’t fathom reading the ‘old favourites’ one more time (I …

Maternity leave

Daycare Dilemmas: Forget the Right One – Just Get Into One!?

Choosing the right care for your child is one of the most dreaded but most important choices a mum has to make. Baby Hints & Tips contributor, Amanda Nicholls knows …

Dear Woolworths #rethosedominostars

Blog: Dear Woolworths – a letter to the supermarket chain about the release of yet another set of Woolworth card collectables. #hookamotherup

Postpartum: The Musical

Meera feels she needs to spread the word about the reality of parenting. She couldn’t let another mother walk through the terrifying abyss of motherhood without telling her about the things she had seen.

Child care rebate and vaccination: No needles? No money!!

Vaccinate now or say goodbye to your childcare rebate! Australian families could soon find the absent sting of a vaccinating needle may result in a far bigger pain in their …

funny baby announcement

Hilarious Baby Announcements

This style is not for everyone but at Baby Hints and Tips we take great delight in the people who turned their grand news into hilarious baby announcements. So here is a collection of the funniest baby announcements we could find